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22 June 2022
ice fridge preview Image
25 March 2022
Deep Cleaning

Any restaurant understands the importance of cleanliness and sanitisation in running a successful business – with the Hospitality Industry set to reopen on the 12th April it is crucial more than ever to make sure your establishment is clean and hygienic, ensuring the health and safety for customers and hard-working staff.

7 April 2021
drinking experience

If you want to ensure your customers receive the perfect drinking experience, then keep reading. As time has gone on, we have seen the variety of glassware increase which has made selecting the best glass for your preferred drink a near impossible task.

13 January 2021
covid tableware

As our amazing industry continues to emerge from the COVID-19 crisis, we are finding ways of working and operating that give customers a way back to a new normal. Now, more than ever, we need great value and interesting innovations to build confidence and get on the road to recovery.

9 December 2020
Catering & Hospitality Innovation Blog News Content Image

RATIONAL is calling for kitchen staff to follow the cleaning procedures recommended by their machine’s manufacturer to keep combi steamers operating safely and efficiently.

18 November 2020
Small Multi Grill

Browse Our Chefmaster Grills and Fryer Buyer Guide

30 September 2020
ccs webshop

On September 1st 2020 we switched the online ordering of CCS products from the chefs.net website to the lockhart.co.uk website.

15 September 2020
aspire brochure

As we all look forward to the recovery of our industry, Continental Chef Supplies brings you a collection of innovative products which will enhance your presentation whilst tackling some of the challenges of operating in the current conditions.

19 August 2020
Catering & Hospitality Innovation Blog News Content Image

All fryers essentially do the same thing - they fry food. What differentiates them are factors such as fuel source, power rating, hourly cooking capacity, oil capacity and of course, cost.

24 April 2019
Catering & Hospitality Innovation Blog News Content Image

Induction technology is not a new concept. It’s been popular in domestic kitchen for decades but until fairly recently was never embraced by the commercial catering industry.

24 April 2019
Catering & Hospitality Innovation Blog News Content Image

Stainless steel has been a go-to material in the world of catering for a long time now. First seen in 1913, Harry Brearley made a discovery of ‘rustless’ steel.

23 April 2019