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Cooking & Bakeware

Here at Lockhart Catering Equipment, we like to make every single method of cooking an option, and this is something you will immediately notice when you take a look at the assortment of cooking and bakeware products we have for sale. This includes baking pans, tins, Balti pans, egg fryers, pizza pans, oven dishes, steamer units and more from brands such as DeBuyer, Prepara and Mafter.
Baking Sheets, Pans & Tins Category Image
Baking Sheets, Pans & Tins
Balti Pans Category Image
Balti Pans
Cake, Pastry Baking & Accessories Category Image
Cake, Pastry Baking & Accessories
Dredgers & Shakers Category Image
Dredgers & Shakers
Egg Fryers & Poachers Category Image
Egg Fryers & Poachers
Oven Dishes Category Image
Oven Dishes
Pizza Pans & Utensils Category Image
Pizza Pans & Utensils
Pots & Pans Category Image
Pots & Pans
Pudding Basins & Sleeves Category Image
Pudding Basins & Sleeves
Steamer Units & Accessories Category Image
Steamer Units & Accessories