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Maker's Collection - Urban


Harvest Norse


The Maker’s Collection Urban, a burnished effect inspired by the industrial history of UK made ceramics. Urban mimics the worn, man-made textures of industrial landscapes.


Harvest Norse is a design based on the simple rusticity and functionality of Nordic craftsmanship. The minimal radial lines have the appearance of hand-carved marks which are enhanced by hand glazing.

Harvest Ink


Maker's Collection - Finca


Harvest Ink brings a fresh element to the table, the free flowing band creates individual tableware pieces.


Crafted and creative, Finca is finished in a semi-matte, hand dipped glaze, enhancing the character of the collection and leaving original ‘makers marks’ on the reverse of each piece.

Evo Origins


White by Dudson


Evo Origins is a range within the Evo collection. It has been designed to complement the original Dudson Evo range that is already popular.


Dudson White is a brand new range in keeping with the craft-potter heritage of the brand. The designs feature a subtle irregular edge and hand-thrown embossment.





Harvest’s genuine hand finished pieces reflect the ‘farm-to-table’ philosophy so popular in today’s dining out culture.


Evo has been designed with the appearance of hand-thrown pottery and its homely charm adds a touch of warmth to any tabletop.

Dudson is a registered trademark of Churchill China PLC (since April 2019)