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ABOUT ASTERA: The successful combination of professional experience, creativity, unparalleled technical know-how and attention to finesse, places Astera in a leadership position in the porcelain tableware industry. Through our state of the art production technique, advanced technical know-how, and creative team of experts is born a durable, high quality product, suitable for all fine hospitality, catering and food & beverage establishments. Our collections are made by industry professionals for industry professionals, encompassing creativity, functionality, durability and timelessness.

OUR VISION: To establish ourselves among the leading high-end porcelain tableware brands in the F&B industry worldwide, through our stylish, durable, functional and creative range of collections.

OUR MISSION: We produce high quality fine porcelain tableware which caters to the specific needs of the hospitality industry through advanced production techniques, our unique porcelain composition, and world wide network of distribution channels.

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The Style collection, as its name suggests, makes a bold impression in all gastronomic establishments with its finesse and refined edges.

The Coupe collection delivers the highest level of design for gastronomy supported by outstanding technical performance.

The Speciality Plates are the ideal solution to complement all current and ever evolving trends in the food sector. This collection additionally offers flexibility, with its oven-safe characteristic, that it can be easily transferred from oven to table.

The reactive glaze color palette of the Javeil Collection is a journey through extraordinary places where all our senses are awakened.

The Circuit collection features an all over white on white pattern of concentric rings, with its pure white true porcelain body, it delivers the highest level of design for gastronomy supported by outstanding technical performance.

The Airain Collection is best represented by the naturally occurring phenomenon of a volcano that erupts violently into the icy coldness of an ocean, creating a contrast within its very self.

The Peel Collection brings to mind the cracked glass effect wrapped around the bark of a magical tree.

The Brasserie range aims to be more generic, convenient to the largest number of venues through its practicality. This collection boasts numerous functionalities, with the product attributes of high resistance, a five-year guarantee against rim-chipping, and stack-ability.

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