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New Additions > Gamma






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The design of Gamma took as its inspiration the shape of the classic waveform. Specifically the rounded shape of the sine wave (a mathematical curve that describes a smooth repetitive oscillation).


Taking this concept as a starting-point, Gamma has been realised as a highly stylised range of cutlery with sweeping curves evident throughout all the pieces in the range, including the new Stonewash additions.


Consequently Gamma will add drama to any table presentation where delivering a real sense of theatre is vital. Watch our new video above & find out more about the power of innovation with our i360 research here.

The Ranges > Delta

The concept behind Delta was to produce an exceptionally simple, minimalist design devoid of any unnecessary detailing. Consequently Delta’s clean, unified lines provide the ideal accompaniment when the dining experience requires a very minimal style of table presentation. Perfect therefore for ‘nouvelle cuisine’ or any style of dining where the focus needs to be firmly on the food itself and the accompanying tableware needs to act as a blank canvas. Delta is the epitome of the maxim ‘less is more’.

The Ranges > Epsilon

The key consideration underpinning Epsilon was to produce a design that maximised comfort when the cutlery was held in the hand. Based around a classic ‘teardrop’ shape the smooth rounded curves of the handles sit perfectly in the palm of the hand while the design then tapers down to a narrow neck which is easy for the fingers to hold securely with minimal pressure. Epsilon is perfect for those long lingering dining experiences where the cutlery will remain in the hand for a longer period of time.

The Ranges > Theta

The design concept for Theta was inspired by the idea of trying to combine both curves and flat surfaces in one unified design. Most cutlery patterns tend to be based predominantly on one approach or the other but Theta is a hybrid design which combines the best elements of both styles. A key element of the design is the knife handle which is turned through 90° from a traditional design which allows it to curve down to a beautifully slim tapered neck.

The Ranges > Omega

An important consideration for the twentyeight collection was having a design that would offer the right kind of accompaniment for a more traditional dining experience. Having reviewed all the archetypal ‘parish patterns’ as a starting-point, the initial design ideas for Omega drew heavily on the shape of the classic ‘Bead’ pattern from the 18th century, turned into cleaner simpler lines. The result is cutlery that will sit perfectly alongside a more traditional table setting whilst still adding a subtle hint of modernity.