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GoBox - General Delivery Solution

GoBags - Pizza Delivery Solution


Designed to keep hot or cold food outside of the danger zone for 4+ hours, they are ideal for delivery and remote catering.


Lightweight GoBags are great for single-stop deliveries of hot & cold menu items,especially pizza.

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GoBag: In Video

Customers have come to expect their pizza to arrive piping hot and delicious. Keep pizza hot and fresh from your kitchen to your customer’s door with Cambro GoBags.

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CamWear - Food Safety & Storage

High Heat - Resistant Food Pans

CamSquares - Allergen-Free Storage


Store, transport, and serve all-in-one with the food pan built from crystal-clear, virtually unbreakable Camwear®! This Gastronorm solution is half the cost of stainless steel & outstanding for prep, buffets, and banquet.

High Heat

A range of high heat containers made from an amber coloured heat resistant material. Temperature range from -40C to +145C. Can be used direct from storage to oven or bain marie. Non stick surface for easy food release.


Designate Allergen-Free ingredients using Camsquare food storage containers. These personalised containers include easy-to-identify purple graduations and Allergen-Free imprint on the opposite side.

CamShelving - Basics Series

CamShelving - Premium Series

CamShelving - Basics Series

Basics Series is made from the same high performing, strong composite material as Elements Series and has the same design features. It's lighter in weight and less in cost but still strong enough to handle light to medium storage demands.

CamShelving - Premium Series

In high volume operations with frequent deliveries & constant loading of products, stability, strength and sanitary storage should never be compromised. Premium Series does precisely what it was designed to do – hold the heaviest products with the roughest handling.

CamShelving: In Video

Find out more about Cambro's signature Shelving solutions on their YouTube channel or click the link below for more info on their mini-site, featuring shelving comparison guides.

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CamTrays - Restaurant & Bar Service

Versa Trays - Cafeteria Style


Camtray Fibreglass trays with smooth surface. Dishwasher safe for unlimited times per day, with excellent stain, break and scratch resistance.

Tray Selection Guide

Versa Trays

Polyester Trays with smooth surface in a stylish low profile shape. Dishwasher safe up to three times daily. Made from high performance polyester to provide extremely high shock resistance.

Tray Selection Guide

Non-Slip Tray Savings Calculator

How much can you save by switching from tray mats to non-slip trays from Cambro?

CamRacks - Glassware

CamRacks - Tableware

CamRacks - Cutlery

CamRacks - Glassware

Camracks are ideal for storing crockery and glassware. Use of the system saves time and labour costs, whilst ensuring that the customers are served with clean dishes and sparkling glassware everytime.

CamRacks - Plates

Camracks feature closed Exterior Walls nd are designed for optimum cleaning and sanitary storage which also protects contents from unsafe handling, reducing risk of cross-contamination and breakage.

CamRacks - Cutlery

Camracks are made from highly durable, long-lasting polypropylene and can withstand chemicals and temperatures up to 93°C. They Interstack with racks from most major dishrack manufacturers.