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As we all look forward to the recovery of our industry, Continental Chef Supplies brings you a collection of innovative products which will enhance your presentation whilst tackling some of the challenges of operating in the current conditions.

We have worked with our supply partners to develop a collection of beautiful products that you will continue to use long after our world returns to normal.

Geminiano Cozzi have released their latest range, Pyro. The innovative and patented design of stackable oven dishes, the lids will keep the heat of the dishes longer and the food hygienic, it can also be used as an under-dishwashing dish, serving dish or tray. This is due to its functional design. A rich collection of porcelain for cooking, roasting, baking, heating, cooling, or freezing and finally serving at the table.

Equinoxe by Revol is dinnerware inspired by the Equinoxe - the magical moment when winter becomes spring and when summer turns into autumn. Inspired by the planets, the moon, and the seasons. We are focusing on the dim sum set of this ceramic collection in our Front of House Brochure. A set full of innovation and uniqueness. Made of ceramic, they can be used to serve and present dumplings or steamed raviolis. It can also be used to serve fishes or smoked meats. Also, a good alternative to present tamales. This set is a sleek and interesting way to serve dishes in a safe way, whist ensuring that presentation is kept to a high standard.

RAK Porcelain have added new products and ranges to 'help Chefs get back to work'. One of these ranges is Fractal, this collection was created to share good times around casual style meals in all kind of restaurants as well as to offer plates and lids solutions which guarantee maximum flexibility and safety. RAK Ease is also featured in our new Aspire Front of House brochure, the collection was born with the creation of a new material from the desire to share unique memories. RAK want to generate the perfect atmosphere whilst adapting to the 'new normal'.

Ivalo by LSA is presented in our Front of House brochure. From serving trays to domes it is hand-knotted leather, natural ash and mouthblown glass to create a balance of texture and tone that perfectly complements Ivalo's high-quality finish and minimalist and style. An innovative solution to the 'new normal', allowing food service to be hygienic and safe by covering food in an attractive display.

My Glass Studio have revealed their brand-new Bento range, As opposed to the open dinner plate, the Bento Dinner Plate is a container that guards food and provides protection. It provides the sense of safety and peace of mind that post COVID restaurant guests do value without compromising the sense of luxury and extraordinariness, without disappointing them, without asking them to lower their expectations. Delight your guests through the sense of safety, creativity, and innovative products.

As we continue to adjust to the 'new normal' and start the recovery for our industry, we've made it easier for you to ensure the safety of your staff and customers by putting together all the innovative products you need to get back to business.

Find more in our Aspire Front of House Brochure here: https://www.chefs.net/assets/projects/pdfs/362.pdf

For further information contact:

Email: ccs.scotlandsales@chefs.net

Telephone: 01236 850236


Lockhart Catering on 19 August 2020 12:00 AM

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