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Posted by Lockhart Catering on Thursday 06 April 2017

tea coffee trends
The 2017 Tea and Coffee Trends That Could Perk Up Your Drinks Menu
Category: Industry Trends  Recipes  New Products 
Whilst nothing could ever cool our love for a good cup of tea or a freshly brewed coffee, every year we see the emergence of new and exciting tea and coffee trends in the UK that stir up café menus with new flavours, or innovative ways to enjoy old favourites.

Posted by Lockhart Catering on Tuesday 17 January 2017

chocolate cake for breakfast 2017
Why Science Says You Should Add Chocolate To Your Breakfast Menu
Category: Hints & Tips  Industry Trends  Recipes  Restaurants 
Eating chocolate for breakfast sounds like a chocoholic’s dream, but now there’s a very good excuse to indulge in a morning: it’s been scientifically shown to have positive cognitive benefits

Posted by Lockhart Catering on Tuesday 03 January 2017

Lockhart Non-Alcoholic Cocktails
5 Exciting Non-Alcoholic Cocktails for Dry January Customers
Category: Industry Trends  Recipes  New Products 
Whether it’s for a charity ‘Dryathlon’ or just to give the body a break after all that festive indulgence, you may find that many of your bar or restaurant customers are opting to have a ‘Dry January’ and sipping on alcohol-free drinks instead.

Posted by Lockhart Catering on Thursday 11 August 2016

say aloha feature
Say ‘Aloha!’ to the Revived Tiki Bar Trend
Category: Industry Trends  Recipes 
Tiki bars are certainly nothing new – the first tiki bar (outside the South Pacific, that is) was opened in Hollywood in 1933 by an enterprising gentleman named Ernest Raymond Beaumont Gantt, aka ‘Don the Beachcomber’, and inspired by his Polynesian travels. Also the man who gave us the Mai Tai, Don the Beachcomber sparked the tropical tiki bar trend across America, and soon the world; over 80 years later, the trend has been revived, and it’s more contemporary, cool and kitschy than ever.

Posted by Lockhart Catering on Thursday 04 August 2016

add spike feature
Add Spike to Your Summer Menu with Alcoholic Milkshakes
Category: Industry Trends  Recipes  Restaurants 
From savoury cocktails and fruit-infused gins, to on-trend flavoured whiskeys that take an old favourite up a gear, standing out in the competitive drinks market is about continual development and innovation. Often it involves updating an old favourite in line with current dining and drinking trends; currently sending mixologists into meltdown are alcoholic milkshakes, the ultimate indulgence now with a boozy twist!

Posted by Lockhart Catering on Thursday 06 August 2015

unlock a world of tastes feature
Unlock a World of Tastes by Baking Herbs into Your Cakes
Category: Industry Trends  Recipes  Themes 
The UK and England in particular is known as the land of tea drinking, but according to new research we’re all drinking a little less traditional tea nowadays.

Posted by Lockhart Catering on Wednesday 03 June 2015

blog feature 2
What Are the Biggest Wedding Food Trends for 2015?
Category: Events  Hints & Tips  Industry Trends  Recipes  Themes 
Apart from the vows, the venue and the very first dance, food is one of the elements of weddings that everyone remembers – especially if it’s outstandingly good. Gone are the days of traditional roast dinners and sausage roll-laden evening buffets; the wedding food trends for 2015 are proving that brides- and grooms-to-be are now putting more consideration (and money) than ever into feeding their guests in style.

Posted by Lockhart Catering on Friday 29 May 2015

blog feature 3
Say ‘Howzat’ to the South African Food Trend
Category: Hints & Tips  Industry News  Industry Trends  Recipes  Restaurants 
In some ways, ‘Howzat’ (or ‘Hello’, in Afrikaans) might seem like a rather abrupt greeting for the South African food trend, which has been bubbling away under the surface in the UK for some time yet is only now being thrust into the spotlight.

Posted by Lockhart Catering on Wednesday 06 May 2015

blog feature 7
How Serving Food Can Make Your Bar or Pub Stand Out
Category: Hints & Tips  Industry Trends  Recipes  Restaurants 
In some places in the UK it has become pretty tough to get an alcohol licence for a new pub or bar. Add to this the high rate of failure among businesses in those challenging first few months, and you become acutely aware that you need to make your proposition stand out, to the authorities and potential punters alike.

Posted by Lockhart Catering on Wednesday 08 April 2015

blog feature 12
The Ultimate Guide to Infusing Your Drinks
Category: Hints & Tips  Recipes 
Flavoured alcoholic spirits are nothing new: from strawberry vodka to cucumber gin, taste-savvy customers have been demanding ever-more flavourful drinks to enjoy in their cocktails, or simply drink alone. But creating these concoctions often means using artificial flavourings and sweeteners, which are becoming increasingly outdated in our health-conscious modern world.