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Latest Blogs

Autumn Beverage

Autumn is just around the corner, so Lockhart Catering Equipment have put together a range of beverages that will consume your tastebuds with indulgent autumn flavour.

14 September 2021
Summer Desserts

Summer is here, and Lockhart Catering Equipment have put together no-fuss desserts perfect for making ahead this summertime.

4 August 2021
Catering & Hospitality Innovation Blog News Content Image

One of the best things about Christmas is the endless amount of baking we can commit our time to, whether it is indulgent cookies or buttery mince pies we cannot deny the enjoyment we get from making and eating festive treats.

16 December 2020
Catering & Hospitality Innovation Blog News Content Image
We know that cooking at home has seen a huge rise during lockdown, but this is about more than baking banana bread and sourdough.
12 June 2020
Catering & Hospitality Innovation Blog News Content Image

Good Food has always been a popular place for people to discover new recipes and they have found that "cake recipe", "bread recipe", and "banana bread recipe" were the leading search terms according to Google Trends.

26 May 2020
Catering & Hospitality Innovation Blog News Content Image

Great British Bake Off contestant Phil Thorne shares with us the secrets to his stunning Savoury Spirals recipe from a recent London Innovation Centre event< /p>

10 March 2020
celebrating the best of british cakes feature
As a nation we love a sweet treat, but according to research, the types of sugary snacks that British people are reaching for have changed over the years.
26 February 2016
unlock a world of tastes feature
The UK and England in particular is known as the land of tea drinking, but according to new research we’re all drinking a little less traditional tea nowadays.
6 August 2015
blog feature 18
In celebration of National Cupcake Week, which runs from September 15th-21st, we’re taking a little look at all things cupcake. But first things first, what is National Cupcake Week?
15 September 2014
blog feature 14
With the return of the Great British Bake off last week you could easily be forgiven for thinking the UK is in the grip of a bake-at-home frenzy.
12 August 2014
blog feature 12
In recent years pancakes have demonstrated their versatility well beyond the breakfast table, with cafés, restaurants and brasseries around Britain now serving crepes with both sweet and savoury fillings.
4 March 2014