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Posted by Lockhart Catering on Tuesday 31 May 2016

grate britain feature
Grate Britain: The Origins and Future of British Cheeses [INFOGRAPHIC]
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Cheese is a favourite foodstuff that never goes out of fashion; it merely evolves over time. It can be a meal in itself, or complement a starter, main course or pudding. It’s also guaranteed to fuel a foodie conversation, with most people having a favourite cheese alongside a strong regional loyalty.

Posted by Lockhart Catering on Wednesday 06 April 2016

the wacky and wonderful history feature
The Wacky and Wonderful History of Food Presentation Trends [INFOGRAPHIC]
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Even the most budding chef understands the importance of appealing food presentation. Individual food presentation trends and tastes certainly vary, but the way that a dish looks when it’s presented to the guest is (almost) as important as its flavours, and this is a fact that’s been understood since many centuries ago.