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Industry Trends

Posted by Lockhart Catering on Monday 29 April 2019

Take a virtual tour of the London Innovation Centre
Category: Industry News  Industry Trends  Insight 

The new interactive tour features almost 30 hot spots where you can click on individual ranges to learn more about the products.

Posted by Lockhart Catering on Thursday 28 March 2019

How to add the wow-factor to any buffet
Category: Hints & Tips  Industry Trends  Events  Themes 

From catering for work events, serving food for celebrations or offering ‘all you can eat menus’, the word buffet doesn’t have to mean a low budget affair.

Posted by Lockhart Catering on Monday 11 March 2019

Create a perfectly presented starter that every diner will love
Category: Hints & Tips  Industry Trends  Events  Themes 

We’ve just launched our third edition of the Lockhart Look Book which is packed full of ideas and inspiration for the perfect starter. For this week’s spotlight, we are exploring eight of the most popular options and revealing some of the creative ways you can display them.

Posted by Lockhart Catering on Tuesday 18 December 2018

What can restaurateurs learn from Instagram as we prepare for 2019?
Category: Industry News  Industry Trends 

However, more importantly for the millennial generation, Instagram will help them decide where to eat and a poor presence on the network can put them off.

Posted by Lockhart Catering on Monday 10 December 2018

What will be big news in the drinks market in 2019?
Category: Industry News  Industry Trends 

Next year they predict plant-based drinking, sustainable packaging, gut-friendly food & drinks and sugar-free are the most noticeable trends.

Posted by Lockhart Catering on Monday 03 December 2018

Ones to watch: what dining trends should you consider as you prepare for 2019?
Category: Industry News  Industry Trends 

2019 food trends to consider. Ranging from vegan & vegetarianism, the continued rise of sharing dishes…to traceability & food provenance.

Posted by Lockhart Catering on Monday 12 November 2018

Five ways to make sure your festive celebrations have the wow-factor
Category: Hints & Tips  Industry Trends  Events  Themes 

The love for a corporate Christmas night out never seems to waiver and it’s the busiest time of year for those of us working in hospitality.

Posted by Lockhart Catering on Friday 07 September 2018

Is sustainability one of the most common words in a modern kitchen?
Category: Hints & Tips  Industry Trends  New Products 

The dictionary definition of sustainability: avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance.

Posted by Lockhart Catering on Thursday 30 August 2018

It's time for Tapas!
Category: Chefs  Industry Trends  Industry News 

We’ve seen Mediterranean temperatures for much of the summer here in the UK and it’s given the team here at Lockhart a taste for all things Spanish.

Posted by Lockhart Catering on Tuesday 24 July 2018

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Bringing your food to life with the perfect backdrop
Category: Industry Trends  Industry News  New Products 

We’ve all heard of “Eating with the eyes” before and it’s widely acknowledged that many diners do this. In fact, research suggests that the eyes are the most used of all the senses during a meal.