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We’ve picked out a selection of food preparation appliances perfect for home cooking

Here at Lockhart Catering Equipment, we have an unlimited range of appliances to assist with your food preparation at home, from Blenders to Juicers. As the hospitality industry remains closed for the foreseeable future, home cooking has become the new normal. According to Consultancy UK "72% of the UK are opting to cook at home, and the number or takeaways and deliveries have declined."

We’ve picked out a selection of food preparation appliances perfect for home cooking:-

Chefmaster Citrus Juicer

The easy-to-use Chefmaster Citrus Juicer is ideal if you want to create homemade juice without the added hassle, it will ensure you receive all the nutrients from your fruit and vegetables. It has an aluminium body with aluminium splash back and a removable stainless steel pulp catcher, which means less mess in the kitchen.

A must-have if you are trying to adapt to a healthier lifestyle!

Chefmaster Blender

Are you a lover of soups and smoothies? The Chefmaster Blender is perfect for chopping, blitzing, or purifying your favourite fruit and vegetables. This powerful blender is available in manual or electronic. Chefmaster also have a blender with an added sound enclosure guard, this will make preparing food and drink much quieter.

Dualit Handheld Mixer

The global pandemic has inspired people to take up baking in their spare time, whether you are a professional or amateur baker the Dualit Handheld Mixer will make baking a breeze and take the hassle out of handling a stand mixer for lighter baking jobs.

This handheld mixer includes a five-speed setting with a powerful 400W motor and a retractable cord to make baking simple and easy!

Sirman Blitz Food Processor 3.2L

A food processor is a handy kitchen gadget that takes all the work out of food preparation; whether you are a professional or an amateur cook, food processors let you mix, blend, slice, chop, and emulsify with the press of a few buttons. The lid and bowl are interlocked during operation to ensure maximum safety and the bowl can easily be removed for cleaning.

Click here for more appliances that will assist with home food preparation.

We are currently offering up to 33% off Chefmaster Countertop Appliances, all Chefmaster products come with a full 2 year parts and labour warranty as standard.

This promotion runs until 28th February 2021

Browse our Home Cooking and Baking products here


Lockhart Catering on 9 February 2021 10:00 AM

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