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Buying a Commercial Contact Grill

Commercial Contact Grills are appliances used for cooking many foods, you can cook anything from meat to paninis. Contact Grills cook food from both sides at once therefore speeding up the process. This is because it uses a combination of heated plates and pressure to cook food quickly. You can also purchase Double Contact Grills which are great for cooking double the food but in a more efficient way. The Chefmaster Contact Grills are perfect to use in any commercial kitchen looking for exceptional levels of quality and reliability.

Types of Commercial Contact Grills

The Chefmaster Ribbed Contact Grills are mostly used for creating an attractive looking panini, the ribbed plates give food the chargrilled stripes which makes it look professionally done. Another advantage of using ribbed grill-plates is that it is a healthier option as it has got fat reduction capabilities, with the ribbing allowing the liquids to run off the food.

The Chefmaster Flat Contact Grills can not produce the chargrilled stripes like the ribbed but will maximise the cooking area as the flat plate is in immediate contact with the food. Ultimately for you would lead to faster cooking times, a huge bonus when using in a busy kitchen.

The Chefmaster Mixed Plate Contact Grills are a combination of the ribbed and flat plates, normally the rib-grilled is on the top to give the food the attractive chargrilled stripes and the flat-grilled is to cook food in a quick manner. It truly is the best of both worlds.

Cast Iron Plates on Contact Grills

Cast Iron Contact Grills are perfect for a long and continuous use during the day, this is due to cast-iron being a robust and reliable appliance made for intensive use. The cast iron grills with ceramic coating make it easy to remove grilled sandwiches and snacks once cooked – we recommend the ChefMaster Single Contact Ribbed Grill. When buying a Contact Grill with cast iron grills, it is important to remember you will need to coat your food and grill to ensure the food can be removed easily.

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Buying a Commercial Electric Fryer

Commercial Fryers’ are extremely useful in a commercial kitchen. Any food cooks in two inches of oil, which can be heated up to 200 degrees Celsius. Chefmaster Commercial Fryers’ are the ideal appliance to produce delicious and succulent food, you can fit a vast amount of food in them which is essential. It is vital that you research the different Commercial Fryers’ you can get to ensure you get the quality appliance you are after.

Types of Commercial Fryers

For low volume output, you should consider a Countertop Fryer, these are easily stored, require minimal maintenance and are a lot easier to clean simply due to their smaller size. Energy requirements are obviously are lower as well. We recommend The Chefmaster 6 Ltr Countertop Electric Fryer.

One more feature to consider is single or twin basket? If your frying needs are varied, it may be beneficial to consider a twin basket, as one basket can be reserved exclusively for chips, again keep in mind each basket's chips per hour output. Whilst the other basket can be kept for frying any other foods. We recommend The Chefmaster Countertop 2x6L Electric Fryer Twin Tank.

When considering material, most chip fryers are made of Stainless Steel, this is the material of choice for anything using hot oil, as it minimises burning and degrading of the tanks and therefore the oil. You can get cheaper Mild Steel alternatives, but we would advise to stick with Stainless Steel, the rewards in the long run will far outweigh the initial costs. All Chefmaster Fryers are made of stainless steel which proves the high quality of the kitchen appliance.

Commercial Fryer Maintenance

When frying you should make sure that you are not frying at too high a temperature. Chip fryers will degrade the oil faster when temperatures are above the necessary limit, meaning it will need to be changed more often, and will also alter the flavour of the food.

As always, regular cleaning is a must. The baskets should be cleaned regularly to remove any food debris, and the tanks should be cleaned when the oil is changed. Make sure to only use soft materials, any abrasive materials and damage the inside of the tanks and cause irreversible damage for any future use.

For modest budgets, Chefmaster offer an affordable and high quality range of Countertop Commercial fryers. All Chefmaster fryers are available for next day delivery and come with 2 years parts and service warranty.

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Lockhart Catering on 30 September 2020 10:00 AM

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