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On September 1st 2020 we switched the online ordering of CCS products from the chefs.net website to the lockhart.co.uk website.

The Lockhart website offers a huge range of additional functionality not available on the chefs.net site and will also allow CCS customers to access the entire Lockhart range of over 20,000 catering equipment products. The CCS Key Suppliers ranges & products are available to view on the Lockhart website, meaning you can continue ordering the products you love.

Our key CCS Suppliers consist of..


RAK Porcelain specialises in design, manufacturing, and supply of exquisite quality Porcelain tableware for the Hotel & Catering industry. Their products create a canvas for Chef creativity, giving the freedom to help build the perfect tableware collection. Their high alumina tableware is a novel combination of quality, durability and aesthetics consisting of sophisticated flatware, fashionable hollowware and ergonomic kitchenware that provides unique dining experiences.


My Glass Studio, is the global market leader in glass dinnerware in the luxury hospitality segment and offers its customers the best-in-class glass dinnerware at prices that are within everyone's budget. My Glass Studio long standing reliability among all our esteemed customers is proof enough that their customized dinnerware and handmade glass dinnerware are durable and stay beautiful..


Samura knives express discipline. You understand how as soon as you pick one up. Samura know that you will appreciate the meticulous detail, the perfect balance, the hairsplitting sharpness.

Creativity and the desire for continuous self-improvement are the most basic values of their company. They use expensive Japanese steel, forging it repeatedly to achieve perfect blade geometry.


Mauviel 1830, flagship of the French industry, centennial Normandy manufacture, creator of culinary emotions, adorns copper or stainless steel, dresses up in aluminium or black tin to satisfy all explorers of voluptuous sensations.


From its roots in horticultural pottery through to today's much sought-after contemporary tableware collections in glazed stoneware, Jars' history spans more than a 150 years.

Since it was founded by Pierre Jars, the traditional craft of potters' skills passed down the generations still lives on today with the related making secrets of their forebears being closely guarded.


Pordamsa is a history of reinvention in a global market for changing trends. It starts with the manufacture of porcelain items and over the years, it consolidates itself as a creative company with its own concept, where the focus is the added value in the presentation.


Nikko was founded in Kanazawa, Japan in 1908. Successive lords promoted traditional culture and crafts of the city and the first kiln was established on the land of Kanazawa. Nikko has gained an international reputation for quality and for designs which are representative of Japan, the country of ceramics. We have pursued our own style of Japanese products which gives them the look of being hand-made.


Chaud Devant are masters in providing the latest trends in chef's wear. Offering clothing with style, comfort, and quality, cutting edge vision, and all garments incorporate aspects that are very important for today's modern chef.


A wide range of contemporary yet timeless, premium, and nifty Porcelain tableware, places Ariane in a leadership position in the porcelain tableware industry, making it suitable for all fine Hospitality, Catering and Food & Beverage establishments.

Innovative production techniques and a creative team of Professional experts have been proficiently combined to produce this high alumina.


Since 1818 Broggi has been designing and manufacturing unique silver and stainless-steel cutlery, holloware, buffet display, table, and bar accessories. Their elegant and innovative designs are used by hotels and restaurants throughout the world.


For over 65 years, Couzon has established itself as a French leader in cutlery and tableware products. Driven by design and innovation, our designers create original, striking, and contemporary products that fit with everyday dining as well as special occasions.


French lifestyle has been rewarded by the French gastronomic meal joining the list of intangible cultural heritage of humanity. A lifestyle amply illustrated in the Dozorme company's range of tableware designs. The cutlery manufacturer is thus actively safeguarding and perpetuating these strong French culinary traditions.


Geminiano Cozzi, a businessman and banker from Modena, founded his porcelain factory in Venice in 1765 and his works soon became a symbol of elegance and finesse. Cozzi's research for innovative decorative motifs was extraordinary; its decorations are often so modern that should be considered precursors of much later compositional and artistic ideas.


Gifre table, a company created within Gifre, is a Tabletop Company that focuses on the modern needs of the chefs, designing very specific art pieces tailored to the new expectations of the clientele. Their designs are based on nature, using both processes of engineering and mimicking the natural surroundings, creating textures and forms that will shape the end and unique result.


After 250 years, the factory is still firmly rooted in the undulating green landscape in the Drome. Revol is proud to be at the top of innovation and design, equipping the most demanding kitchens, whether those of famous chefs or everyday cooks.


Riedel are one of the leading glass-makers in the world and produce high quality glasses. Their wine glasses are specially made and shaped to complement the different wine grape and region varieties whilst adding to the overall enjoyment of wine.


Established in 1750, Royal Crown Derby manufactures the world's finest tableware in the heart of England. Exquisite Fine Bone China, trend defining creativity, unrivalled quality and breath-taking service are the hallmarks of our reputation that has been earned over 265 years by serving distinguished clients including Royal Families and the world's finest hotels and restaurants.


Studio William are a quintessentially English cutlery company, who specialises in creating innovative sensory forms. Studio William is led by William Welch, an award-winning Industrial Designer. William's focus is to create pioneering products that enhance the dining experience, inspired by natural forms.

Continental Chef Supplies Information Portal

We will be retaining the existing CCS website at chefs.net to provide up-to-date news and information about CCS as well as providing a shop window to showcase all the leading brands available from CCS.


Lockhart Catering on 15 September 2020 12:00 AM

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