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supplier conference preview

Between the 30th and 31st of March 2023 at the Supplier and Sales Conference, our sales team had the opportunity to learn what products/ranges and sustainability efforts our suppliers will be doing in the next year. Read on to find out more…


Churchill showcased Homespun Chroma. Homespun Chroma, derived from the original Homespun design, features the classic concentric pattern and look of hand-thrown pottery. Inspired by the deep, intense colourways created through layering glaze effects, Homespun Chroma has been designed to create a bold and striking canvas to complement all styles of cuisine.

Churchill has been developing their sustainability initiatives by having a net zero warehouse. This is by balancing the amount of greenhouse gases that are produced and removed in the atmosphere.

Churchill have recently developed a new sustainability presentation that focuses on their commitment to a sustainable future which has been part of their company ethos for generations.

Find out more about Churchill here.


Lincat showcased the CiBO Oven which can produce a wide range of perfectly cooked food in less than three minutes. CiBO uses a patent-pending combination of three different heat sources – convection, grill and a heated base – to deliver fast results. Space-saving and compact, it operates from a 13-amp plug and is ventless.

Lincat has been developing their sustainability initiatives by releasing the Lincat Green Range. The Green range brings together equipment which use less oil, offer energy and/or labour savings, reduce food waste, faster cooking, increased food yield and/or transport savings.

Find out more about Lincat here.

Utopia Tableware

Utopia’s new ranges on display were Manna, Marshmallow, Venus and Homestead. White and pale coloured ceramics are back on trend, which is why this year out of the near 400 new ceramics Utopia launched, they have many options for chefs who love whiteware!!

Utopia has been developing their sustainability initiatives by having all their glass and most ceramics shipped from Europe which cuts down on their harmful emissions to the environment.

Utopia have recently developed and improved their user-friendly website by adding tools to use for sourcing products and creating bespoke product brochures for clients.

Find out more about Utopia here.

RH Hall

RH Hall showcased the Maestrowave MW18Ti 1800W Commercial Microwave Oven which has inverter technology. Inverter technology provides energy saving, consistent results and reduced weight.

The Maestrowave MW18Ti 1800W Commercial Microwave Oven is ideal for RH Hall’s sustainability initiatives as it only draws power when in use and heats only the food. True cost-saving cooking!

Find out more about RH Hall here.

Blue Seal

Blue Seal showcased the EHT10 Humidified Holding Cabinet. This product has turbofan hot holding technology which gives the ability to extend the life of key menu items without compromising on quality.

Blue Seal have been developing their sustainability initiatives by stepping away from MDF packaging and using more sustainable packaging which can be recycled.

Blue Seal have recently developed a new range of induction cooktops which give more heat that can get the big jobs done faster. All Blue Seal cooktops includes flame failure protection and warranty for a peace of mind. It’s the perfect companion in any fast pace kitchens.

Find out more about Blue Seal here.


Nevilles showcased Terra Porcelain, Trays, Bonna Ceramics, Vintage Steel, Table Presentation and Cocktail vessels . All these new ranges and products benefit of joint end user engagement, use of technology, showrooms and mood boards.

Nevilles have been developing their sustainability initiatives by actively contributing towards mitigating poverty through responsible sourcing programmes. They have also been reducing their overall energy consumption year on year and increase use of energy from sustainable sources.

Nevilles have recently been developing on their brand partnerships and the expansion of paper and E based literature including sector, product and category such as a table presentation guide, coffee guide, cocktail guide, bonna brochure, tray guide and new product development.

Find out more about Nevilles here.

Williams Refrigeration

Williams Refrigeration showcased multidecks with doors. These multidecks are robust and reliable, have a flexible finish, have powerful performance and are energy efficient.

Williams have been developing their sustainability initiatives by a WEEE Directive which offers a comprehensive scheme for the decommissioning and removal of products brought since January 2007.

Find out more about Williams Refrigeration here.

Amefa GB Limited

Amefa showcased the Slim 20pc packs which are an alternative to plastic single-use cutlery.

Amefa have been developing their sustainability initiatives by working to remove polybags from cutlery packaging to reduce plastic waste. They are also using a closed-loop approach to cutlery supplies by collecting old cutlery when delivering new product and recycling the steel.

Amefa have recently been developing their Slim Pre-washed Pouch with contains a fork, knife, spoon and napkin. Consumers will carry this with them when eating on the go.

Find out more about Amefa here.

Lifetime brands Europe ltd

Lifetime Brands showcased the La Cafetiere Kericho Teapot. It is sustainable, easy to clean, creates theatre on tables, and has heat retention.

Lifetime Brands have been developing their sustainability initiatives by having replacement parts available for the cafetieres.

Lifetime Brands have recently been developing their new Masterclass and La Cafetiere product ranges. The La Cafetiere product range is award winning, designed for a better brew and has heat resistant pouring filters.

Find out more about Lifetime Brands here.

CED Fabrications ltd

CED Fabrications showcased the Tournus Polymer Racking. It has a lifetime warranty against corrosion and only takes one person to assemble.

CED Fabrications have been developing their sustainability initiatives by working towards their ISO 26001. This is an accreditation towards better working practices, sustainability and the environment.

They have been recently developing new heated drop in multi-tier displays.

Find out more about CED Fabrications here.

Falcon foodservice

Falcon Foodservice showcased the Lainox Oracle High Speed Cooker. It is an all-purpose multi-functional high speed device connected to the Lainox product brand for a unique horizontal cooking experience.

Falcon foodservice have been recently developing on their connected kitchens which can save users running costs, not only by warning of any problems and minimizing downtime and food waste but also monitoring energy efficiency.

Find out more about Falcon Foodservice here.

Winterhalter Ltd

Winterhalter reiterated their sustainability credentials by showcasing their ‘connected’ controllers. These enable customers to remotely assess wash cycles, operational issues and potential service requirements, saving time, cost and the planet.

Find out more about Winterhalter here.

Rubbermaid Commercial Products

Rubbermaid showcased their Recycling Stations. These recycling stations are easily linked together with a simple connecting bridge creating an organized recycling station.

Rubbermaid have been developing their sustainability initiatives by giving customers 5 and 10 year warranties on all of their recycling and waste bins, reducing the need for them to be replaced.

Rubbermaid have been recently developing a new recycling audit for the sales team and their customers to analyse the savings they can make by implementing or improving the recycling rates.

Find out more about Rubbermaid here.


FEM showcased the Hamilton Beach Summit Edge Blender, Big Rig Immersion Blender and the Hamilton Beach Countertop Blender. The Hamilton Beach Summit Edge blender is twice as fast and half as noisy as current blenders and the auto blend button means perfection every time.

FEM have been developing their sustainability initiatives by recycling all their incoming packaging for outgoing deliveries, reducing the need to replace it each time.

FEM have been recently developing their brand new Converge® Multi-Cook Ovens from Alto-Shaam. They combine the flexibility of a multi-cook oven, the power of structured air technology®, and the versatility of combi cooking in each oven chamber. The controlled humidity allows operators to execute an all-day menu and boost production capacity without increasing labour.

Find out more about FEM here.

Araven S.L.U

Araven showcased their sauce bottles and Recycled Waste Bins. The tops of the recycled waste bins can be interchangeable, therefore giving the option to change the options of what goes in the bin (recycled, waste, food).

Araven have been developing their sustainability initiatives by having a 3R rule. This is by using the minimum material in the manufacture of the piece, not developing disposable or single use plastic and all Araven products are manufactured with recyclable materials.

Find out more about Araven here.

Arc France

Arc France showcased the So Urban Range, the Intensity Range and the Symmetry Range. All these ranges have a main USP of having a social and Ecological responsibility.

Arc France have been developing their sustainability initiatives by having a range of 6 indicators to reduce energy, water, more recycling during production, reducing the use of plastic and moving over to more sustainably manufacturing methods.

Arc France have been recently developing on their So Urban Range which is a range that is an alternative to single use plastics that are durable and reusable.

Find out more about Arc France here

Foster Refrigeration

Foster Refrigeration showcased the G3 Upright Fridge, Maxiglass Bottle cooler and the touchscreen blast chiller. All of these products are energy efficient and are perfect for food safety in the kitchen.

Foster refrigeration have been recently developing an Energy Hack Toolkit. This is a professional support toolkit of practical energy saving hints, tips and hacks for kitchens and bars to save an incredible 46% on refrigeration energy bills per year.

Find out more about Foster Refrigeration here.


Lockhart Catering on 20 April 2023 12:00 AM

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