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In the world of YouTube, there’s an enormous appetite for destruction – whether that’s crushing everything from fidget spinners to pieces of fruit with a hydraulic press, or putting bricks into running washing machines just for fun (and for views, of course).

But one of the original, most creative and clever ‘destroyers’ on YouTube are Blendtec, whose viral ‘Will it Blend?’ videos make compulsive - and oddly satisfying - viewing as they show off the sheer power of Blendtec blenders, whilst demolishing common household items such as iPhones and baseballs in mere seconds.

The first ‘Will it Blend?’ video was uploaded in October 2006, and showed a bag of marbles being dumped into a blender and reduced to dust by the video’s cheerful host, Tom Dickson – who just so happens to be Blendtec’s founder, and CEO at the time. Talk about a hands-on approach to your company marketing! Tom stepped down as Blendtec CEO in 2013, but he’s continued as the face of ‘Will it Blend?’, with new videos still appearing every few months.

However there are some real gems in the archives of Blendtec’s YouTube channel, so today we’re sharing our top 5 ‘Will it Blend?’ videos that we simply can’t stop watching. You’ll never look at your Blendtec blender in the same way again!

1. Will it Blend? iPad

Will it Blend? That is the question…and in the case of the original iPad, the answer was a resounding ‘Yes’. After the first iPad model was launched in 2010, Tom mercilessly smashed an iPad in half using the base of a Blendtec blender, before blending it into millions of tiny pieces – and racking up over 18 million video views to date, making it the channel’s most popular video of all time.

We really don’t recommend putting your iPad into your own Blendtec Smoother Blender from Lockhart (although technically, you could); instead, let the astonishingly powerful motors of Blendtec blenders help you to create more delicious and edible concoctions, such as smoothies, soups, and sauces, and make light work of tough and frozen ingredients.

2. Will it Blend? Glow Sticks

One of the most jaw-dropping ‘Will it Blend?’ videos saw Tom drop a handful of glow sticks into one of his blenders, transforming it into a glowing lantern that lit up the entire Blendtec kitchen. The Blendtec blender jug was most likely ruined forever after that, but hey, it was worth it for the video!

3. Will it Blend? Justin Bieber

Not the real Justin Bieber, of course – Tom gets rid of his ‘Bieber Fever’ once and for all in this hilarious (and strangely cathartic) video, in which he sacrifices a selection of Justin Bieber merchandise to the unforgiving Blendtec gods.

4. Will it Blend? Coke + Chicken = Cochicken

With all of the blending of Apple products and everyday items, it’s easy to forget that Blendtec blenders make exceptional commercial food and beverage blenders too! There are occasionally food-themed ‘Will it Blend?’ videos, but don’t expect anything appetising. In the video above, find out what happens when Coke and chicken are blended together – and why it definitely shouldn’t ever make it onto your restaurant menu.

5. Will it Blend? Crowbar

By popular demand from dedicated ‘Will it Blend?’ viewers, Tom and the Blendtec team finally got around to making a video in which they blended a crowbar. Except, it didn’t quite work out that way. Not even Blendtec are above ‘trolling’ their YouTube audience!

Whatever you’d like to blend, you can find a choice of Blendtec blenders and accessories in the commercial Catering Appliances range at Lockhart Catering Equipment – but please, leave the iPhone blending to the experts. Which is your favourite ‘Will it Blend?’ video? Leave us a comment below, or send us a tweet @BunzlLockhart to let us know.


Lockhart Catering on 7 June 2017 8:30 AM

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