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From tasting sessions, to Gin-vent calendars and even gin themed-menus, this is a trend that looks set to stay.

Over the last few years the UK has seen a dramatic rise in the popularity of gin. From tasting sessions, to Gin-vent calendars and even gin themed-menus, this is a trend that looks set to stay. In fact, gin sales were up in 2017 by 27% compared to 2016.

In the past, customers would have walked up to the bar and asked for a simple gin and tonic, or G & T as its fondly known; many would simply expect some ice and a slice to accompany it. However, these days drinkers demand so much more. Your customers now want to select their gin of choice and may even be looking for a sprig of rosemary or some berries to add that extra hint of flavour. World Gin Day takes place on Saturday 9th June running for its tenth year. The aim of the day is to get people together all around the world with a legitimate excuse to drink some gin, whether it’s in a cocktail, with a mixer or neat.

Why the rise in popularity?

Bars and pubs used to only stock a couple of gin brands but these days customers have so many options to choose from. Some bars even offer their own gin menus which are packed with different flavours. Customers are becoming much savvier when it comes to choosing their gin, with well-known international brands often being passed aside for local gin makers.

Gin has always been a popular drink amongst Brits but with new distilleries popping up all the time, brands have been experimenting with new twists, flavours and recipes over the last few years. One of the reasons gin is so popular, is it is a drink that can be enjoyed all year round, and at different times of the day. Gin was a hugely popular drink in the 19th century but as it’s no longer a case of simply pairing it with an old-fashioned tonic, mixologists have been digging out the old recipe books and putting their creativity to the test.

Brits are also drinking less these days and looking for quality over volume so the type of gin you drink has become a big discussion point around bar tables up and down the country. The growth of botanical gins has created a whole new generation of fashion-conscious gin drinkers who have embraced the idea of gins being available in a range of differing taste and flavour profiles. Flavoured gins are simply an extension of a trend that drinkers were already enjoying.

How do you serve yours?

It’s not just how the gin tastes that matters, as these days how you serve the gin is almost becoming as big a talking point as the flavour. From old fashioned tumblers to balloon glasses to gin goblets, there are many options to choose from. To celebrate World Gin Day, we have selected five of our favourites that will truly add the wow-factor, so you can serve your next gin in style.

1. The Utopia Deco High Ball (CE654)

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Above: This is ideal for those looking for a twist on a classic gin and tonic glass. It has the look and feel of traditional cut crystal without the investment. These glasses are stunning to look at and completely on-trend.

2. The Arcoroc Juniper Gin Glass (CD645)

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Above: This is perfect for all premium gins. It brings an air of sophistication to the humble Gin & Tonic but at an affordable price.

3. Nude’s Primeur Balloon (CE055)

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Above: Nude's pulled stem one-piece range made from lead-free crystal. This outstanding new collection is the culmination of three years of study and includes design from the likes of Ron Arad. Nude embraces the now and is unashamedly design-led offering affordable premium.

4. The Artis Alterno Gin Balloon (CE651)

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Above: This is a 19oz Durobor gin balloon glass with a unique design and distinctive bubble in the base. It is glashwasher safe, perfect for stacking and provides a different look and feel to the more classic balloon glasses on the market.

5. The Artis Arome Gin Goblet (CE650)

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Above: This is a tough and stylish gin balloon which has been designed to direct aromas to the nose so is perfect for those gins which are packed full of flavour.

If you’d like to know more about our glassware ranges, then please have a look around the glass and barware section of the Lockhart website or get in touch with us to find out more on 03701 678678.


Lockhart Catering on 5 June 2018 12:00 AM

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