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Whether it’s in restaurants, served on the streets of towns and cities or at festivals, there is no doubt that Mexican food has been growing in popularity over recent years.

However, whilst many diners think and feel like they are eating authentic Mexican dishes, is that the case?

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More often than not, Mexican food is confused with ‘Tex-Mex’. It’s an American style food which has taken key elements from Mexico but then been adapted from its origins to create a new cuisine. Tex-Mex has become popular in the UK with many US-owned chains creating what has become one of our nation’s favourite fast foods. But to find truly authentic Mexican food you need to look beyond the sizzlers, spice and nachos.

Mexican food has been around for thousands of years, beginning with the Mayans and other Mesoamerican groups. One of the key differences between these cuisines is the ingredients used. For example, a trademark of Tex-Mex food is yellow cheese but in authentic Mexican dishes you would only find white cheese. In terms of spices, you would expect to see Cumin in many Tex-Mex dishes but it isn’t the most-common spice used in true Mexican dishes. Chile peppers, oregano, cacao and epazote are much more likely to be used in an authentic Mexican dish. Where you live in Mexico would also impact the popularity of a particular style of dish with variances between regions affecting whether you’d be more likely to be eating meat or fish.

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Are we beginning to see a change in the landscape for Mexican food?

One chef who is leading the way in championing authentic Mexican dishes is former MasterChef winner and food writer, Thomasina Miers. Her chain of 'Mexican market eating' restaurants Wahaca, is helping diners to learn more about the types of dishes Mexicans eat. Whether it’s fresh, sustainable fish with a fiery green tomatillo sauce or free-range chicken in either a taquito, a quesadilla, or an enchilada. The success story of this chain has resulted in independent restaurants embracing this more authentic approach.

How to display and serve Mexican and Tex-Mex food?

Whilst it’s fascinating to learn more about Mexican food and how Tex-Mex has evolved, how it’s served and displayed is also key in creating authenticity. When any of us eat out, the full dining experience, is often remembered even more than the food itself. You want to make sure the environment you create suits the style of cooking the diners are set to enjoy.

We’ve selected six products which are perfect for displaying either Tex-Mex or more authentic Mexican dishes in your restaurant.

1. Genware Wooden Crate White Wash Finish

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Above: DI492

This is perfect for displaying food in a slightly different and more unusual way. It would be perfect for serving nachos or other delicious sharing options.

2. The Genware Non-Slip Stainless Steel Round Tray

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Above: DH961 & B5216

This provides a perfect centrepiece for displaying lots of smaller dishes. The stainless-steel tray doesn’t stain and with a stunning finish it looks impressive on any dining table.

3. Ramekin Melamine Plain Black

If you are looking for smaller dishes to display dips, sauces or other tasting dishes then the above product is also ideal for serving.

4. The Rafters Buffet Platter

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Above: DI027

One of the more popular elements of the different styles of Mexican food are sharing dishes & the above product is absolutely gorgeous for serving dishes which can be enjoyed by all and will create a talking-point on any table.

5. Churchill Moresque Print Orange Plate 27.6cm

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Above: BH300

You can inject some colour into any Mexican table with this product. These days there is more of a trend for colour and pattern in tableware and this range is perfect for making sure your food stands out on the table.

6. The Utopia Salsa Red Plate

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Above: BL063

When you think of Mexico, it makes you think of colour, fun and vibrancy. This product has been inspired by traditional Spanish Fiesta and with its bright, bold colours it will help add excitement to any dining table.

These are just a selection of the products that are perfect for Mexican or Tex-Mex food and if you’d like any more help choosing your products please get in touch.


Lockhart Catering on 13 June 2018 12:00 AM

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