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Coffee has been in the news a lot recently. Just last week we read an article in Cost Sector Catering that said that by the year 2030, coffee shops will overtake pubs with three new coffee shops opening a week in the UK.

The research was conducted by Allegra who also revealed that last year 1,215 new coffee shops opened in the UK.

Today sees the start of UK Coffee week which aims to create a nationwide celebration and raise funds for coffee growing communities. Recently we read an article in The Telegraph about novelty coffees and whether they were here to stay. With a current focus on healthier food and drinks, are these just a fad or will Brits grow to love them? Last year the latte was the most popular coffee drunk in the UK followed by a Cappuccino and Americano. However, the flat white is growing in popularity. But what other alternatives are appearing on the high street?

Above: Long Black serving ideas from Genware

One of the more unusual coffees mentioned in The Telegraph article was mushroom coffee which apparently is a big hit with health-conscious millennials. It is known as an anti-inflammatory, for regulating blood sugars and boosting metabolism. It’s been around in other countries for many years but is only just becoming more popular here in the UK. This got us thinking about other coffees that are sampled around the world.

Above: Macchiato serving ideas from Genware

Here’s five coffees you may not have tried (or even heard of) before

1. Café Sua Da - This is a traditional Vietnamese coffee and one you may enjoy if you like your coffee super sweet. It’s made by mixing black coffee with sweetened condensed milk. When the mixture has been made it’s then poured over ice.

2. Espresso Romano – Some traditional baristas wouldn’t even count this as a coffee as it’s made in such an unusual way. From Italy, you basically mix a short or long shot of espresso with a teaspoon of sugar and serve it with a small piece of lemon rind.

3. Kaffeost – This translates to coffee-cheese and is popular in Finland. Hot coffee is poured over chunks of juustoleipä, which are cheese-curds.

4. Türk Kahvesi – This is where finely ground coffee beans are simmered in a special brass pot called a cezve. What makes it different, is that it is prepared unfiltered so the grounds settle to the bottom, so you drink it with the grounds.

5. Café Cabano – From Cuba, this is a small but strong espresso brewed with sugar.

Whilst we’ve loved discovering new coffees on offer, it’s not just what’s inside the cup that is important. Consumers are also now used to a more diverse range of cups, mugs and glassware from the traditional mug of coffee.

One product range that ticks every box (and all varieties of coffee) is from Genware.

Above: Espresso serving ideas from Genware

Established since 1965, Genware offers the perfect balance of quality and value for money covering a comprehensive range of catering products. These products have been designed in consultation with leading experts from the hospitality sector including chefs, baristas and mixologists.

See the Genware Coffee range in action

If you want to get involved in UK Coffee Week here is the link you need to find out more. We’d love to see your coffee creations too so make sure you share them with us on our social channels.


Lockhart Catering on 16 April 2018 12:00 AM

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