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This week on the Lockhart blog, we’re continuing our coverage of our fantastic catering industry event, The Show, which was hosted at famous Old Trafford on 1st July. We’ve already shared the 30 most important things that we learned at The Show and five exciting food presentation trends that we spotted, and now we’re going to take a step into the future of kitchen gadgets and tools with our favourite kitchen innovations that were featured at the event. Cooking and preparing food has never been so revolutionary!

San Jamar Allergen Saf-T-Zone System

At the Foodservice Equipment Marketing (FEM) stall, the stand-out piece was without a doubt the San Jamar Allergen Saf-T-Zone System, a comprehensive kit containing colour-coded tools that will make preventing allergen cross-contamination in your restaurant kitchen easier than ever. As the only kit of its kind on the market, we believe it’s an essential investment for every kitchen in order to protect your customers from dangerous allergen contamination and give them the reassurance that you take their safety seriously.


The kit contains a chef’s knife, tongs, turner and chopping board, presented in a sturdy case that keeps the tools clean when not in use. As purple is being gradually rolled out as the universal colour for allergens, now is a great time to get ahead of the curve and invest in a Saf-T-Zone System to make allergy compliance a priority in your kitchen. Watch the video below to find out more:

Hamilton Beach Eclipse Bar Blender

With smoothies, milkshakes and iced coffees more in demand by customers than ever, and not just when it’s sunny, you’re going to need a blender that is up to the task – like the brand new Hamilton Bleach Eclipse High Performance Bar Blender, which features extraordinary power and speed as well as several great features to help you create consistently delicious blended drinks, even using large chunks of ice.


The Wave-Action System forces ingredients towards the blades so that no ingredients are left unblended, and the blender comes complete with over 100 pre-programmed cycles – though it also features a memory card slot so you can enter your own. Plus the Quiet Shield enclosure reduces the volume of the blender so whether it’s tucked away in your kitchen or taking pride of place on your bar, this sleek blender will be seen and not heard. We were given a full demonstration of the blender’s capabilities at The Show and believe it’s well worth the investment.

Lockhart’s Exclusive Plasma Plastic Drinkware Range

As more bars make the move to using shatterproof plastic drinkware, it was high time that the catering industry kept pace and introduced more appealing alternatives to flimsy plastic cups. Enter Lockhart’s brand new and exclusive Plasma plastic drinkware range, which includes elegant and durable drinkware options in a fantastic choice of designs – from champagne flutes to beer steins, and so much more.


At first glance of the new Plasma range at The Show it was difficult to believe that the ‘glasses’ were indeed plastic, and this high-quality, sturdy and stylish drinkware range wouldn’t look out of place at even the most elite bars. Stand-out pieces included the Ultra Angled wine ‘glasses’, Metro Slanting HiBalls, and Drinking Jars, but we predict that the super-tough Frat Cups will be wildly popular too among those searching for red beer pong cups to play this popular game in their bars.

Did you spot any exciting catering industry innovations at The Show that we haven't mentioned here? Share them with us in the comments below!


Lockhart Catering on 23 July 2015 12:00 AM

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