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Many of us would still struggle to name a savoury cocktail beyond the hangover-busting Bloody Mary, but these flavoursome concoctions have become a fixture on the menus of the hippest drinking spots in London and beyond. The most imaginative new savoury cocktails incorporate everything from Marmite to meat in their recipes, and guests just can’t seem to get enough.

No doubt that the rise of the savoury cocktail has much to do with its universal appeal. Both men and women feel comfortable with ordering savoury cocktails, served in sleek glassware and garnished with herbs, vegetables and sometimes even rashers of bacon. Plus they can be enjoyed at any time of day, whether sipped slowly throughout the course of an evening, or as an indulgent side to a Sunday morning brunch.

Still not convinced? Take a look at some of our favourite cocktails from the menus of some of the UK’s most sophisticated bars, and you may soon be shaking up a savoury storm.

The Manchester Hotel and Spa’s Whisky Steak

steak_cocktails_manchester_macdonald_hotel_blogImage Credit

Famed for its Scottish Steak Club, the Manchester Hotel & Spa has introduced a variety of drinks to its already comprehensive cocktail menu that are designed specifically to be enjoyed with a steak dinner. One of these is the Whisky Steak, a blend of Monkey Shoulder Scotch, black pepper and rosemary syrup, served with a sliver of 21-day aged sirloin on the side that the guest can soak or dip in the drink.

Peg and Patriot’s Pho Money Pho Problems

cocktails3_blogImage Credit

London’s ultra-cool Peg and Patriot bar was among the first to really get inventive with their savoury cocktails, a fine example of which is the also creatively-named Pho Money Pho Problems. This Southeast Asian-inspired beverage comprises of Viet spiced vodka shaken with pak choi, lime leaf and lime juice, making for a super-sour yet light cocktail that food and booze lovers alike are lapping up.

Artesian’s Will of the Woods

cocktails2_blogImage Credit

Having been named ‘The World’s Best Bar’ for three years running, the wizards at London’s Artesian bar certainly know a thing or two about fabulous cocktails. Each year they launch an exciting new collection of cocktails, and among the current selection is Will of the Woods, an earthy marriage of Glenlivet, Vermouth, larch, mushrooms, citrus and honey that’s served in a wooden bowl, no less.

Of course, you don’t have to be so outlandish with your own savoury cocktails. Modern takes on classic cocktails are always a winner, and it’s easy to put a twist on our trusty Bloody Mary by adding different types of spices, such as horseradish, Sriracha or wasabi, or even infusing the vodka with flavours.

There’s plenty of room for adventure with two other favourites too, the Martini and the Margarita. We’ve seen Martinis made with the likes of bean-infused vermouth, basil and even blue cheese, and Margaritas mixed up with oyster juice, kale, and red pepper.

While some of these savoury cocktail ideas may turn your stomach, one thing is for sure – add some to your restaurant or bar’s menu, and you’re sure to get your guests talking. Will you be adding any savoury cocktails to your menu, or have you already? How did your guests react? We’d love to hear from you!


Lockhart Catering on 20 October 2014 3:32 AM

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