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Sadly, in many airport terminals, pre-flight food options aren’t particularly exciting. Whether it’s stodgy fast food or sad pre-packaged sandwiches, all at a premium price, no wonder we all leave for the airport at the last possible second and board our flights with stomachs groaning louder than our suitcases.

But in more and more airports, waiting for your flights is becoming more of an event than an ordeal thanks to their fine food options and world-class restaurants to enjoy instead of an in-flight meal. Let’s take a look at some of the very best; you might find yourself booking a flight out of these airports just to sample the food!

Bubbles Seafood & Wine Bar, Amsterdam Schiphol


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Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport is already a very pleasant place from which to depart, but you’ll have a spring in your step as you board if you pay a visit to Bubbles Seafood & Wine Bar first. Located in Lounge 1, this ultra-modern bar serves up delectable seafood dishes, from sandwiches to sashimi, which you can wash down with a fine wine or glass of champagne. Admire the fish in the aquarium as you eat for some rather unique pre-flight relaxation.

Porta Gaig, Barcelona El-Prat

Round off your trip to Barcelona in style by dining at Porta Gaig, a cosmopolitan Catalan restaurant from one of the city’s most esteemed chefs, Carles Gaig. Roast duck, slow-braised beef cheeks, and ‘cochinillo’, a traditional Spanish dish of roast piglet, can all be found on the menu and you can tuck in as you watch planes take off and land. Porta Gaig can be found in Terminal 1.

Airbräu Brauhaus, Munich Airport


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Germans are fiercely proud of their beer brewing abilities, and this is no better exhibited than in Munich Airport where you can find Airbräu Brauhaus, Europe’s only airport brewery. The thoroughly Bavarian restaurant in Terminal 1 shakes up the airport food experience by not only offering delicious German cuisine and beer traditionally brewed on-site, but they also host live bands regularly. Even if your flight out of Munich doesn’t coincide with an event, you can join a brewery tour.

The Perfectionist’s Café, London Heathrow

Yet another creation by Heston Blumenthal, The Perfectionist’s Café is located in Heathrow Terminal 2, and is the ultimate destination (before the final destination) for hungry travellers. Inspired by Heston’s ‘In Search of Perfection’ TV series, The Perfectionist’s Café takes favourite dishes like fish and chips, hamburgers and ice cream, and makes them ‘perfect’, with a Heston-style twist of course. Whether perfection is achieved is subjective, but as all of the dishes are designed to be made and served quickly, you have time to try them out.

Tortas Frontera, Chicago O’Hare

Tortas Frontera

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American celebrity chef Rick Bayless put a lot of thought into creating his Mexican airport café, Tortas Frontera. The delectable items on the menu, including tortas, soups and salads are created using ingredients sourced from local farms, proving that airport dining can be environmentally mindful too. Tortas Frontera also features its own guacamole bar, and if that’s not enough reason to pass through Chicago airport’s Terminal 1 soon, what is?

Have you experienced an amazing airport restaurant or café? Tell us about it by leaving a comment below, or send us a tweet @BunzlLockhart.


Lockhart Catering on 10 April 2015 3:55 AM

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