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Whilst nothing could ever cool our love for a good cup of tea or a freshly brewed coffee, every year we see the emergence of new and exciting tea and coffee trends in the UK that stir up café menus with new flavours, or innovative ways to enjoy old favourites.

We may only be a few months into 2017, but already we’re spotting several trends in tea and coffee taking hold - not only in the coolest independent coffee shops, but also in the big chains too.

With two major tea and coffee events taking place during April, UK Coffee Week between the 10th and 16th, and National Tea Day following closely behind on the 21st, now is a great time to take a look at some of the most tempting tea and coffee trends that are brewing as we speak – which ones will you be adding to your menu?

The top tea trends to brew up a storm

1. Nitro Tea

Nitro cold brew coffee may have been one of the top coffee trends of last summer, but for 2017, it’s all about nitro tea. Herbal teas or fruit-infused teas are kegged with nitrogen and then pulled through a draft system – yes, like a beer – to produce a cascading, foamy and almost effervescent cold beverage with a creamy head that’s unlike anything your customers will have tried before.

As well as being an intriguing evolution in iced teas, the science of the nitro tea method also unlocks dimensions of flavours and tastes within the tea itself that no other method can. However, while a high caffeine content is one of the signature characteristics of nitro coffee, this isn’t the case with its tea counterpart, so your customers can enjoy it throughout the day.

Serving suggestion: Serve your nitro teas in clear glassware, such as a stemmed beer glass, so that the drinker can watch the nitro tea settling after it’s pulled.

2. Teas with Intention

Last year, Google used search volume data to identify ‘Functional Foods’ as one of the major food trends for 2016. Health-giving foods and even specific ingredients such as turmeric were (and still are) top of people’s shopping lists in their never-ending quest for wellness, but in 2017, it appears that we aren’t just what we eat – we’re what we drink, too, as ‘teas with a purpose’ are coming to the forefront.

As identified in Mintel’s most recent analysis of global trends in tea and coffee, teas with known or added health benefits are booming in popularity, as tea beverages such as kombucha and matcha, and even teas blended with functional foods such as turmeric are becoming everyday drinks that are no longer restricted only to specialists cafes and health food stores. Highlighting the functional benefits of your teas, such as whether they boost energy, have anti-inflammatory or anti-oxidant qualities, or are simply relaxing, will instantly pique the interest of your customers that are looking for more than just great taste from their teas.

Serving suggestion: If you offer on-trend loose-leaf teas, serve them in clear infuser teapots to show off their rich colours that deepen as they steep.

Can’t-miss coffee trends to give your menu a kick

1. Coffee Cocktails

Espresso Martinis are nothing new, but in 2017 we’re seeing more bars utilise coffee in their cocktails and in more interesting and flavourful ways. Cold brew coffee is being shaken up with an imaginative profile of flavours to create rich and creamy, and even surprisingly light and fruity cocktails that pack a punch in more ways than one.

Coffee is making its appearance in old favourites such as Manhattans and Juleps, but is also being used as a base for an entire new breed of cocktails that complement the richness of coffee, and balance any bitterness, making them the perfect after-work perk or an cocktail to sip at the start of a night out.

Serving suggestion: Grind coffee beans finely using a traditional coffee grinder, then steep them in cold water for up to 24 hours to get a strong coffee concentrate that you can then dilute and add to cocktails, or just use straight in the mix – but beware, cold brewed coffee tends to be twice as caffeinated as its hot-brewed counterpart!

2. Coffee with Plant-Based Milks

We’ve recently covered the plant-based food trend here on the Lockhart blog, and highlighted that it’s not just about the food on our plates, but the drinks in our cups and glasses too. The number of vegans in the UK has risen by 360% in the past decade, and with it sales of plant milks such as soya, oat, almond, coconut, and cashew are have also hiked as those eschewing animal-derived foods are searching not only to replace foods in their diet, but also look for healthier and more sustainable alternatives.

One London coffee shop recently hit the headlines after they decided to stop offering cow’s milk altogether. The Fields Beneath, in Kentish Town, decided to offer only soya, oat and almond milk after watching a YouTube video on the dairy industry, and soon after made all of their menu entirely vegan. You don’t need to go to such lengths, of course, but offering a selection of plant-based milks - in addition to soya milk, which is notorious for curdling in coffee when not prepared properly - will keep your dairy-free customers happy and caffeinated.

Serving suggestion: Whichever plant-based milks you choose to offer, serve them in simple style with coffee cups and milk jugs from the Rousseau range of our exclusive Crème crockery collection.

Will you be incorporating any of these 2017 tea and coffee trends into your menu, or are you already ahead of the curve? Which other trends in tea and coffee have you spotted? Share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment below, or send us a tweet @BunzlLockhart.


Lockhart Catering on 6 April 2017 10:00 AM

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