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A study shows that we are drifting from the standard three meals a day and continuously eating between meals to keep our energy up, but when we are reaching for that fix up are we doing it because we are low on energy or is purely out of boredom?

This is when the question comes in to whether we are grazing or snacking throughout the day, and which one is healthier for us.

What is Snacking?

Snacking is a planned meal in between the main three meals a day, it's traditionally something that keeps your energy up throughout the day and is there to prevent you from overeating. In a recent survey it showed that 66% adults' snack at least once a day, this shows the high numbers of people that need a 'boost me up' to get them through the day. Snacking foods are recommended to be smaller portions than the standard main meals of the day, and lower in energy. Compared to grazing, Snacking is there to result in a balanced daily energy intake and to help support a healthy weight.

Snacking comes with its benefits which are:

Increased Energy. Including a snack which is made up of complex carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats will increase energy levels for a longer period than sugary snacks. High in sugar snacks crash which leads to increased hunger and becoming lethargic. By including complex carbohydrates they are a stable source of energy and will help you power through between meals.

Improved Focus. Snacking on healthy and hearty foods that are high in antioxidants and good fats will lead to being more focused, this is compared to eating foods containing a substantial amount of trans fats which end up making you feel sleepy and divert your focus.

Prevents Binge Eating. By incorporating a nutritional snack or two between meals you're more likely to stay full, this means you won't result in binge eating unhealthy foods which can lead to weight gain. 41% of Brits have been found to result in unhealthy snacking throughout the day and 39% of Brits admitted to eating over the recommended calorie intake. By denying a healthy snack you will eventually give in to one not so healthy, that could easily be solved by adding that nutritional snack to your daily intake.


How can businesses adapt to cater for snacking culture?

With the continuously changing trends it's a priority for businesses to be able to adapt to change as quickly as possible, with snacking on the rise Restaurants are bringing out snack menus to accommodate those that drift from the recommended three meals a day. Avenue have taken on board this new venture and offer a snack menu tailored for those who are grazing/snacking throughout the day, this is sure to attract more customers who are following this culture. Businesses can offer different meal themes that work well with their style, such as Antipasti which include a range of different snack options that would serve well on our RAK Mini Max platter to add some luxury presentation to the snacking craze.


To read more into using and perfecting the presentation of tableware for specific purposes, read our previous blog here..

Will you be adapting to the snacking culture?We'd love to know your thoughts via our social media. You can find us at @chefsdotnet, Instagram and Facebook.


Lockhart Catering on 10 February 2020 12:00 AM

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