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WearerTech are a leading shoe manufacturer set out to increase health and wellbeing for people on their feet all day. With the Hospitality industry set to reopen on the 12th April it is important to ensure that staff are equipped with comfortable footwear.

Read on to find out more about their product ranges and how they can benefit you and your teams.


This ground-breaking new range comes with a choice of three removable insoles for customisable comfort, while a stylish twist means they are sure to be a popular choice with hospitality and waiting staff, as well as chefs and people working in kitchens.

Product benefits

•  Slip-resistant sole - cutting-edge, super slip-resistant technology and puncture resistant sole helps to reduce accidents at work.
•  Stretch Linings - smooth lining eliminates rubbing and discomfort and provides a comfortable fit.
•  Breathable Uppers - air flow from the shoe keeps feet at a comfortable temperature and improves foot health.
•  Raised Heel - improved pressure distribution within the shoe.
•  Lightweight - helps distribute pressure within the shoe for improved comfort and less fatigue.
•  Closed Back - helps to ensure a secure fit.

With CustomPro, you can personalise your own comfort with WearerTech’s choice of three insoles developed with Salford University – add to your basket to view options.


Lightweight, waterproof Revive features an anti-static, slip-resistant sole, making it a safe and comfortable choice for even the longest shifts. Alternatively, Protect footwear offers a strong composite safety toe cap and Grip-Safe sole to reduce slips, trips and falls at work.

Product benefits

•  Grip-Safe sole - slip and puncture-resistant sole helps to protect your feet in the hazardous kitchen environment.
•  Closed-in heel - designed to ensure a secure fit.
•  Revive insole - specially designed to hold your heel securely.
•  Anti-static sole - helps to reduce the risk of static shock at work.
•  Side vents - to keep your feet cool, yet dry.
•  Adjustable strap - heel strap can be worn in forward or back positions.
•  Machine washable up to 40°

Get Ready to Reopen With Our Winter Offers

WearerTechs Tips For Chefs

WearerTech have assembled tips that can be beneficial to kitchen and waiting staff that are standing on their feet all day as the Hospitality industry reopens its doors.

WearerTech shoes have been thoughtfully designed to help reduce pain in your feet, ankles, knees, hips, lower back and in fact your whole musculoskeletal system. Every feature of every WearerTech shoe goes through a cycle of design, refinement, testing and improvement. They call this process the Wearer Innovation Loop.

Discover how the Wearer Innovation Loop drives all their WearerTech product development.

We have brought back our Back To Work campaign to help support the reopening of the Hospitality Industry on the 12th April. Download our interactive Back To Work Brochure for innovative solutions to build confidence and get on the road to recovery.


Lockhart Catering on 23 March 2021 10:00 AM

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