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Food and drink trends are changing constantly, there is no way we can say how long one will last or if it will happen at all.

By keeping on top of the latest trends it’s beneficial for all businesses that are food orientated, it helps them remain current and may even reach a different target of consumers. After doing some extensive research we have come up with the food and drink trends which have a very high chance of happening, some that may even stick around for many years.

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1. Plant Based Food and Drink Alternatives.

Plant based food and drink is only going to expand with time, they are becoming increasingly popular with many individuals becoming vegan or wanting to partake in helping the environment even if it’s not completely. A huge breakthrough regarding alternatives is oat milk, we researched this and found that a huge increase of people are now ditching cow’s milk and investing in something with a more satisfying taste and texture.

2. No or Low Alcohol.

No or low alcohol has been a widely predicted trend with more people wanting to focus on a healthier mind and body, with consumers ditching the beer and wine for Dry January it could possibly last most of the year. This trend is starting to become more approved with consumers aged (25-35), as the awareness around the dangers of alcohol is taken to a greater extent rather than ignored. An increase in Restaurants such as Turtle Bay are introducing a larger variety of mocktails and non-alcoholic drinks, specifically for consumers who are wanting to cut down on the amount of alcohol they let into their body. Is this a trend that you could be onboard with?

3. Wood Fire Cooking.

In the past Wood Fire was the most favoured way of cooking; it’s predicted that this year many chefs will revert to this method as it gives the food a more ‘char’ like flavour. @thewoodfiredovenchef hasn’t swayed from the traditionalism, click here to see his wood-fired Sunday roast. Oven cooking will not add the same effect to the food, this would allow chefs to play around with how they cook the food which is sure to pull in more consumers. This trend would be greatly appreciated with chefs who enjoy experimenting with their style of cooking; going back to traditional roots isn’t a bad thing.

4. The Food Mile Cut

Locavores are consumers that will go the extra mile to eat locally sourced foods, the food mile cut is meant to be the next big trend within the food industry. A growth of people are aiming to be more sustainable by cutting out food which is sourced out of their local town/city, the main aim being to reduce the amount of harmful CO2 emissions being released. There is seeming to be an expansion on the number of farmers markets which is the best way to get locally sourced produce, this will benefit not only the farmers but the quality of the produce is greater when it’s coming in fresh rather than from a factory.

5. Fresh Pasta

Consumers are demanding fresh pasta in restaurants, and a huge number of restaurants have listened and have jumped at the chance to be more creative and provide a tastier dish. Chefs will have a trend on their hands that will mean more preparation in the kitchen, but that comes with opportunity to gain an enraptured consumer base. Consumers are wanting fresh and sustainable foods; this is a huge demand for restaurants which may mean costs increase but this is a trend worthwhile and one to be grabbed at with both hands.

Below @dalebrooksupplies can be seen perfectly presenting a dish of fresh pasta.

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Lockhart Catering on 16 January 2020 10:00 AM

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