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Spring forward with Steelite’s new product launches as the Hospitality industry continues to reopen. From bright and energetic colours to warm and neutral tones, we are excited to introduce their innovative products that will elevate your tabletop presentation.

Get inspired with innovative solutions in dinnerware, metal, melamine and glass..

Download Steelite's New Product Brochure 2021

Steelite Craft Apple

Craft Apple is a bright, energetic, and fresh hue which adds a distinctly contemporary tone to the Craft range. The growth of interest in vegan, plant-based and health-conscious menus provides an opportunity to showcase these menus differently. The overall impression is one of warmth and familiarity with the zing of spring.

Browse Steelite Craft Apple

Steelite Craft Raspberry

The new pink colourway can be mixed with existing Craft colours or make its own statement. Either way, Craft Raspberry provides a stunning platform from which Chefs can showcase their ultimate creativity. From savoury to sweet and everything in between, Craft Raspberry is the perfect canvas for desserts, entrées, and all types of ethnic cuisines.

Browse Steelite Craft Raspberry

Steelite Halo

The use of hand-applied reactive glazes on Halo frames food beautifully, allowing for a slightly more formal approach to relaxed presentations. Halo allows food to be presented on a clean white platform complemented by a contrasting colour field. This has the effect of highlighting Chef’s creativity, allowing it to speak for itself.

Browse Steelite Halo

Steelite Bead

Crisp, Timeless & Elegant Styling.
Bead defines a classic approach to dining, one which embodies best practice for back of the house ease-of-use while delivering beautifully presented dishes to delighted diners. This range consists of two elements: Bead and Bead Accents, which can be mixed for a personalised collection.

Browse Steelite Bead

Steelite Bead Wash

The addition of a hand-applied wash of colour to the Bead range provides a subtle but refreshing accent. This softens the look and adds a casual approach to the way Bead presents food. Classic, timeless, and perfectly proportioned, the Bead range takes on a Scandinavian feel in either the truffle or sage colourways and works brilliantly in either a traditional or contemporary setting.

Browse Steelite Bead Wash

Steelite Bead Band

The crisp and bold black or maroon colour bands added to the Bead range provide a powerful and elegant device which raises the perception of precision and proportion. Whether used in a traditional or contemporary setting, Bead Bands provide the optimal platforms to present the very best in dining pleasure.

Browse Steelite Bead Band

Steelite Vesuvius

The Vesuvius range is a collection of stunning reactive glazes, including Amber, Lapis, Burnt Emerald, and Rose Quartz. Taking their names from some of nature’s more precious materials, these glazes complement and contrast with each other and provide a rich and exciting platform for today’s eclectic and diverse menus.

Browse Steelite Vesuvius

Steelite Revolution

Using reactive glazes that change in colour and intensity depending on their application, Revolution glazes are specially formulated to enhance all the nuances experienced in their execution. Applied by hand using a revolving motion, the path the brush travels across each piece is evident in the fired result.

Browse Steelite Revolution


Lockhart Catering on 5 May 2021 10:00 AM

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