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Everyone from Mums & Dads to the Government are watching what kids eat these days...

The Trend

Parents are increasingly seeking out healthy and nutritious food for their children, particularly in the light of the growing childhood-obesity crisis.

Healthier food options in general have been trending in recent years but what is remarkable now is that children are also becoming a part of this trend. With parents demanding healthier meal options for their children, it is easy to see why this is gaining so much attention.

Kids’ menus have come a long way from the days when they were little more than sandwiches, soft drinks and small fries. The desire to offer kids healthy, nutritious meals that taste great is becoming a top priority among many chefs and restaurant operators. Of course, no one is completely ditching the sides of fries or sodas but having healthier options available to choose from is truly the key to success with families.

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Creating A Good Rapport With Younger Diners

While certain items will never be off the menu, restaurants are becoming increasingly creative in adding healthier options alongside them. If there is a chicken sandwich, you can expect to see a grilled version. You can also expect to see kids’ menus with sides of steamed vegetables, fruit sticks, salads, whole wheat bread instead of white bread, organic milk or juice instead of soda, baked fries instead of deep fries and even whole-wheat flour pizzas.

Restaurants are embracing this trend so parents are comfortable bringing their children out for meals. It makes sense that restaurants start wooing children that dine out. One day, they will be grown up and will go out to eat on their own. As the frequent diners of tomorrow, the restaurant industry is keen to build a good rapport with these children now.

Helping them establish positive eating habits with food that tastes good, yet is nutritionally valuable is a vital pillar to the future success of the industry. Is it then time for the operators to ingrain this trend fully and build the blocks for long-term growth?

We’ve put together a selection of serving items to help you create fun and vibrant presentations and impress the young diners of tomorrow.

Shop The Trend

DH378 Tug Boat Childrens Dinner Set - £12.29
DH498 Snack & Stack Utensils - £8.49
DH468 Nettle the Monster Melamine Bowl,
127 x 124 x 43mm - £19.08 (case of 12)
DH469 Nettle the Monster Melamine Plate,
245 x 240 x 22mm - £63.48 (case of 12)
DH470 Nettle the Monster Melamine Double Handle Cup,
97 x 110mm 0.2L - £27.90 (case of 10)
DH497 4-Piece Children's Caterpillar Cutlery Set - £4.90 (Spoon & Teaspoon not pictured)
BJ902 Duck Plate, 295 x 277mm - £56.90 (case of 10)
BJ901 Duck Bowl, 170 x 138 x 35mm - £27.00 (case of 10)
BJ903 Duck Spoon - £9.40 (case of 10)
DH496 Taco Truck Tray - £8.49
DH495 Ms Food Face Dinner Plate - £8.49
DH493 Dinner Winner Children's Dinner Tray - £11.90
DE240R Fork Small Red, 17cm - £0.67
DE239R Dessert Spoon Small Red, 17cm - £0.67
DE235R Knife Small Red, 18cm - £0.67
AD699 Safari Cutlery Set - £11.99
DH499 On the Road Placemats Set of 3 - £3.90
DE229PS Polycarb Tumbler Purple Sparkle, 5.25oz - £0.91

For more information on the latest culinary trends, visit our dedicated Trend Set website, and view all of the featured products in the digital copy of this article


Lockhart Catering on 5 June 2017 10:00 AM

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