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• On Thursday 4th April Churchill purchased the Dudson brand plus intellectual property for Harvest and Evo collections

• Churchill will continue the Dudson legacy of design, craft-potter expertise and hospitality focus

• Continuity of key lines assured - with 75 lines launching from stock now

On 4th April 2019 Churchill, one of the UK's largest ceramic tabletop manufacturers, globally recognised for high quality hospitality product signed a contract for the Dudson brand name and other assets. Dudson, also a well known and respected hospitality brand, with a history dating back over 200 years, has a unique heritage as an exclusively hospitality focussed brand with a reputation for inspirational design.

Churchill's purchase of the Dudson brand ensures that the legacy of its rich history will continue to be developed and evolved for future generations. The decision to purchase the intellectual property (IP) rights to both Harvest and Evo guarantees continuity for Dudson customers of these ranges.

As well as investment in the brand, range IP and new machinery already, Churchill is committed to developing Dudson and will be adding new products and ranges, to fit within Churchill's existing three launches a year schedule. All new and developing products from Dudson will have the Churchill service, stock and manufacturing assurances for which it is globally recognised as a reputable and reliable supplier.

The development of the Dudson brand will continue to offer more choice to hospitality customers. It will have its own identity and grow. It's legacy as a great name from the home of Potteries, Stoke-on-Trent will remain intact as Churchill provides a sustainable future.

Development of product began immediately upon signing the agreement, with manufacturing processes being put in place and installation of new machinery. New techniques and traditional methods learnt to ensure product was being made for a smooth transition.

To date, in under 8 weeks, an impressive 75 lines have now been manufactured in the UK at Churchill's factory and are now available from stock. These include items in the following ranges:

Harvest Natural
Harvest Linen
Harvest Brown
Harvest Green
Harvest Blue

Evo Origins in Natural Grey which will complement to the Evo collection

James Roper

Sales & marketing director talking about the Dudson brand says:

'The Dudson brand adds an exciting new dimension to our portfolio. Both in terms of design and the company's purely hospitality heritage for over 200 years. It is a well respected brand internationally and will be a great asset to the Churchill business. We look to continue its legacy with key lines and also focussed new product development.'

Sharon Heap

Marketing director speaking about bringing product to market so quickly:

'It was essential to turn around products as quickly as possible to ensure a smooth transition for Dudson customers. It is a real credit to the factory and new product teams in Stoke on Trent that; whilst manufacturing ready for Churchill's new product Summer launch; they were able to adopt new work processes, incorporate new machinery and get an additional 75 lines ready in little under 8 weeks.'

For more on available product

Visit the new Dudson website at www.dudson.com

To keep up to date with launches and product follow the new social media channels Instagram @dudson1800 or Facebook /Dudson1800

Product Enquiries to info@dudson.com

Media Enquiries

Contact- Cara Roberts
Email - cara.roberts@churchill1795.com
Tel - 07974 235043

About Churchill

As one of the world's leading manufacturers of ceramic tableware, Churchill has a long history of bringing the highest-quality products to the hospitality industry. Based in the heart of the Potteries since 1795, Churchill has a strong reputation as an innovative and reliable supplier of tabletop products.

Today, using a blend of rich historical experience and a willingness to embrace the latest technological advancements, the Churchill brand has solid global recognition and a strong manufacturing reputation. Our international presence is ever expanding with business in over 70 countries and a global distribution network of over 500 companies.

About Dudson

Established in 1800 Dudson is a hospitality brand which carries a rich heritage and has constantly redefined modernity in food service. Craftsmanship accompanied by authentic and inspiring design have been at the heart of developing the brand into a globally recognised symbol of stylish food presentation.


Lockhart Catering on 24 July 2019 12:00 AM

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