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With the ever-growing debate surrounding waste and sustainability, now more than ever all industries need to start implanting more pro-active changes to help save our environment.

The hospitality industry is no exception to this, and we need to educate the next generation of this industry. As we start to adapt to the new modern way of living to protect our planet, there is a lot of room for adjustment and a wealth of new products on the market to help make these changes a lot simpler.

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One material that is becoming an ever-growing concern for the environment is plastic. The material in question "plastic" is a marvellous invention, designed to help us and make everyday functions easier. As nation or globally how we disposed of plastic the once great design benefits and dramatically been outweighed by the negative effects this waste is causing to our environment. When we live in a world where social media and instant news updates can flood us with imagery in seconds, it’s hard to hide from the dark truth of what is happening to our planet. We all need to start facing these issues head on and contributing to making a global difference instead turning the other way.

"In one study by BRITA UK, it was noted that 70% of businesses are currently looking to cut down on single-use plastics, like straws and water bottles."

(Ref: https://www.openaccessgovernment.org/hospitality-industry-waste/51174/)


This is a great initial step in combating the wastage of single use plastics and this something as industry we can try put actions in place to make this easier for everyone to join us in this movement. Here at Continental Chef Supplies we praises all corporations that are starting to make these changes and we offer solutions to help our industry fight the war on plastic waste. The last couple of years, we have noticed a lot of changes going on in the industry, where processes are been put in place to help reduce waste and to improve sustainability within the workplace. These same changes have been noticed in one of our exclusive suppliers Chaud Devant, and they have teamed up with Waste2Wear and have developed a chef wear collection from recycled plastics bottles which have been gathered from our British coastlines.

This RPB (Recycled Plastic Bottles) collection embodies the ethos of what we are trying to teach our future generation: A. To remove single use plastic from our environment or recycle this waste correctly. B. To recycle these plastic waste products into a new functional product and giving it in a second product life.


The process in how the RPB collection has been made is started by:

• Discarded plastic bottles are gathered from coastlines and shipped to a recycling plant.
• The bottles are then dismantled and treated to remove all labelling.
• Once the bottles are dried, they are then separated so they can be shredded into small flakes.
• The flakes are then washed at high temperature and once this process is completed, they are then dried with hot air.
• Once the flakes are dried, they are then packaged to be shipped to another factory where they will be melted down and moulded into pellets.
• The pellets are then melted once more and pushed through a machine which is built up of small holes. Once the melted down pellets are passed through this machine, it becomes yarn and then can used within any textile product that is desired and in our case this a chef wear collection.


To clean our oceans and to convert this plastic waste into a fully functional textile product is a vigorous process; but the benefits of doing this is far greater for the environment than doing nothing at all. What seems like a normal chef jacket is far from the truth, it has in fact been on an incredible journey and this all to help our environment and to support our industry. There is a personal meaning to this product, as individual or as team you can stand proudly wearing this jacket knowing your making a tremendous difference to our planet.

As quoted by Chaud Devant "waste is only waste if we don’t do anything with it", this mantra is perfect when discussing all the current changes the hospitality industry is facing in regard to sustainability. From food waste, reducing the use of single use plastics, to how we are recycling our waste, the list goes on. Products like the RPB collection is here to help businesses become more sustainable, to help raise awareness within the industry and to help push for a greener environment.

Ocean Plastic Project

Although this collection has been made from recycled plastic bottles from the ocean we haven’t skipped out on the quality; It has been designed specifically for chefs and to work with you while your in the kitchen:

• The fabric has been designed with a stain repellent finish that makes it easy to clean and iron.
• The fabric is also very breathable and soft to the touch to help with working in a kitchen environment.
• This collection has been tailored for the perfect fit.

National Chef of the Year

To help raise further awareness of recycling and the need to reduce plastic waste within the hospitality industry, CCS and Chaud Devant are proud to be the official chef jacket sponsors for the 2020 National Chef of the Year Competition. This year we will be providing all the finalist and judges with the short sleeve Salerno recycled plastic bottle (RPB) chef’s jacket. The Chefs Against Plastic Waste (CAPW) campaign has been designed by CCS to give all the chefs taking part in the competition a chance to turn their chef whites into a positive statement about the future of our planet. The CAPW campaign and the RPB Collection are great talking points, they start to get our industry to think about the planet and how they can make more proactive changes to help protect our environment.

Join us and help improve sustainability within the hospitality industry.


Lockhart Catering on 21 May 2019 10:00 AM

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