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As far as health and safety concerns go, a chief worry for pubs, restaurants and bars is the potential danger that chipped or broken glassware can pose. If you’ve ever been unlucky enough to unwittingly drink from a chipped glass, you will recognise this problem.

Picture of the new Glacial glassware range

Never mind the issue posed to staff constantly handling equipment, and the risk of glassware cracking or shattering due to over use. This is where we feel sorry for bar staff unfortunate enough to have encountered a glass shattering whilst pouring a pint.

However, long suffering staff can now sleep soundly thanks to the launch of our high quality, toughened range of glassware – Glacial. Glacial boasts a lifetime rim chip guarantee on every glass, whilst maintaining a stylish and sleek feel.

Your new glassware will be uber safe without losing the professional, elegant touch; the range has been designed around clarity and quality to enhance the drinking experience for customers.

How Glacial was born

Paul Niedersyski, Managing Director, Bunzl Lockhart Catering Equipment explains how a gap in the market made way for the Glacial collection.

“We conducted extensive research to see what is currently available in the market place across glassware for operators and I believe that currently, there is not a comprehensive range of glassware across everyday, fine dining and fully toughened which comes with a lifetime rim chip guarantee.

It was important that Glacial wasn’t just about style, it had to offer pub, restaurant and bar operators an assurance of outstanding product quality, which is why we felt it was important to go one step further and design the range with a lifetime rim chip guarantee.”

So without further adieu…

Meet the Glacial collection

Available exclusively through Lockhart Catering Supplies, Glacial includes fully toughened, fine dining and everyday glassware with 53 pieces across stemware, tumblers and barware.


Picture of the Glacial Stemware collection

The stemware collection features 17 pieces across fine dining, fully toughened, sleek and slender and everyday glassware. For example, the Blue Ridge range of glasses which also features tumblers, offers the perfect harmony between elegance and durability, making it ideal for fine dining restaurants.


Picture of the Glacial Tumblers collection

25 pieces make up the Glacial collection of tumblers across stylish, contemporary, rounded and fully toughened, making them ideal for pubs, bars and restaurants. Operators can choose from a vast arrange of tumbler sizes across the collection.

Bar Collection

Picture of the Glacial Bar Collection

The stylish Bar Collection features 11 pieces across martini, margarita, cocktail, brandy, Irish coffee, hot beverage and shot glasses, together with plain lip jugs, available in cases of 12 on all glasses and as single items on jugs.

For more information on this exclusive new range, visit our Glacial online shop.


Lockhart Catering on 19 August 2014 12:00 AM

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