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As our amazing industry starts to emerge from the COVID-19 crisis, we are finding ways of working and operating that give customers a way back to a new normal. Now, more than ever, we need great value and innovative solutions to build confidence and get on the road to recovery. Working with our supply partners, Lockhart has brought together a wide collection of solutions to help you present your culinary creations in an innovative, yet safe manner. We will continue to innovate and update the range.

Churchill are just one of our suppliers that are committed to food safety, and have engineered their products to perform, protect, and to last. From trays and lids to bowls and lids, Churchill have everything to give you a secure solution.

Inspirations for The New Normal Brochure

  1. The Alchemy collection is all about creating practical and stylish food displays using versatile buffet pieces in ceramic, wood, and melamine that are all designed to work together with a collection of food-safe, transparent polycarbonate covers. The trays range in size and finish providing a practical solution for a variety of buffet services from elegant to urban and rustic styles.

  2. Introducing Churchills Bit on the Side range, this is based around innovative shapes and reactive glazes to enhance the presentation of individual bowl foods and side dishes. The versatile shapes are designed with a collection of compatible lids to keep food covered.
  3. Igneous from their Art de Cuisine range has its own distinctive style, an innovative Vitrified Stoneware range that includes lidded cookware items to accommodate a long-term solution for keeping food covered and customers safe.

  4. The Rustics Simmer and Stonecast ranges offer lidded accessories with a rustic, natural colour palette. Churchill are capturing authentic character whilst maintaining covered presentation solutions.

Our 'Inspirations for The New Normal' brochure have everything you need to create safe solutions and outstanding food presentations. We have products from suppliers such as, Steelite, Genware and many more to satisfy your needs. The brochure is not exempt from hand hygiene solutions, as keeping you and your customers guarded is our most important goal. Lockhart want you to be able to reopen your site in the safest and efficient manner.

If you need more help or inspiration, contact our team via email: websales@lockhartcatering.co.uk or tel: 03701 678678


Lockhart Catering on 16 July 2020 12:00 AM

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