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Nothing can beat the look and feel of crystal glassware, but for many restaurant and bar owners, the cost of such luxurious barware can be rather prohibitive. But with the launch of Glacial Crystal, the newest addition to our exclusive Glacial glassware range from Lockhart Catering, you can now bring the beauty and quality of crystal glasses to your hospitality business for a mere fraction of the price that you’d expect.


Launched at the Lockhart Catering Equipment Expo 2015 in September, the stunning Glacial Crystal collection of lead-free crystal glassware offers exceptional value for money. The stylish shapes and sparkling, jewel-like shine of the glasses enables you and your customers to enjoy a premium drinking experience at a far preferable price; from wine to whiskey, every drink you serve will be even more special in Glacial Crystal glassware, plus the outstanding optical clarity will enable the rich colours of the liquid to shine through.

What’s more, the Glacial Crystal collection is perfect for guests celebrating those special occasions as the nature of crystal glassware gives it a pleasing musical ring when the glasses are clinked together, plus with our Lifetime Rim Chip Guarantee, you can feel assured that your glasses are made to last - forever.

The jewels in the Lockhart glassware crown

The Glacial Crystal glassware collection comprises of four individual ranges, named after some of the most precious jewels, so you can select the shapes and styles that truly complement your bar menu.


Delicacy and timelessness were the words of inspiration for the Amethyst range of Glacial Crystal glassware, which have more traditional shapes which allows the sheer quality and clarity of the glasses to take centre stage. In addition to wine glasses and flutes, the Amethyst range includes cognac and martini glasses, for the more discerning customers.


In the Sapphire range, you’ll find the glasses bear gently tapering curves that represent a more contemporary twist on classic glassware shapes. Our most versatile range, the Sapphire selection of crystal glassware includes wine glasses and flutes, plus a choice of tumblers for spirits and mixed drinks.

For those events that call for a little more theatre, choose the Emerald range, with distinctive round shapes that make a statement on any dining table or bar top. The dramatic profiles of the Emerald crystal glassware range are a dramatic twist on the iconic looks of wine glasses and flutes, and are also pleasing to hold.


For glassware with unmistakable modernity, choose the Aquamarine range of Glacial Crystal glassware, which features more angular silhouettes yet with the elegance that underlines the entire Glacial Crystal collection. The Aquamarine range is firmly focused on stemware, with a variety of wine glasses and flutes to make any occasion even more special.

The individual glasses in the Glacial Crystal collection start at just £2.10 each, but to discover just how incredible value for money our latest glassware collection is, you can view the full range here. Don’t forget, the Glacial Crystal is an extension to our bestselling Glacial range, offering you even more choice in long lasting, high quality and fabulously affordable glassware.


Lockhart Catering on 9 October 2015 12:00 AM

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