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From catering for work events, serving food for celebrations or offering ‘all you can eat menus’, the word buffet doesn’t have to mean a low budget affair.

You can create some shareable dishes that truly create the wow-factor. However, when it comes down to your buffet it's not all about the food you serve. Taking careful consideration as to how you display the dishes can have a big impact on the impression your customers take away too. Buffets offer your customers plenty of choice and provide a quick and easy dining solution, often meaning less staff are needed during the service as customers help themselves.

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Five things you may not know about buffet style dining

• It was back in the 18th century where the term "buffet" was first introduced. Originating in France, before spreading around Europe but quickly becoming very popular, in the USA.

• The word "buffet" originally applied to the piece of furniture that held the food on, but later grew to include the dishes too.

• The style of dining itself comes from the Swedes 'smorgasbord' in the late 16th century. This was a drinks table which guests gathered around to socialise before the more formal part of dinner.

• In the 19th century, buffets became more popular and would traditionally be served at one o' clock. It was either a meal that people ate standing up or the lunch would be served at small tables. Dishes needed to be consumed using just a fork or spoon.

• The 'all-you-can-eat' buffet has been credited to Las Vegas entertainment manager Herbert Cobb McDonald, who introduced the idea in 1956.

Serve your buffet in style

In our latest edition of the Look Book we reveal a whole range of serving options for buffets and for this week's insight we wanted to share more information on the gold, silver and bronze Innovation Award winners.

Our Look Book showcases some creative ideas for serving Britain's most popular dishes. In our buffet section we show you everything from wooden serving stations to white cake stands so you can impress your guests with your food display.

The working lunch

Churchill offers a stunning range that is ideal for adding a wow-factor to any working lunch. For more than 220 years, Churchill has been manufacturing and supplying tableware solutions of the finest standard. The Lotus range is absolutely stunning with triangular plates, bowls and platters. Modelled on the Lotus flower, this collection of accent pieces has an organic, innovative design with a spacious serving area, perfect for buffet food.

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Hot buffet

Taking the silver spot in the Innovation Awards buffet category is our Creme Galerie Gastronorms. The Creme range is simple, refined and beautiful with an unmistakable air of quality. It combines a perfectly balanced ivory colouring with a range of innovative shapes and profiles to create the ideal blank canvas for a chef to present his or her art.

This range is ideal for a hot buffet as it has a thermal shock resistance. Choose from our wide range of platters, dishes and bowls which you could mix and match to suit your style.

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Cold buffet

Rosseto are known for making superior and stylish products. Its original flagship product, the dry food dispenser, uses portion control technology and has become world renowned. The Rosseto range has received our bronze award because of its functionality making it perfect for cold buffet presentation.

Discover more inspiration, from starters to desserts, on our website and download your free copy of our Look Book. There's no better way to see how the products look than seeing them displayed on a wide range of dishes.


Lockhart Catering on 28 March 2019 10:00 AM

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