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Did you know monochrome was expected to be one of the biggest design trends for 2018? From the catwalk to the living room, black and white were predicted to be a massive hit before the year began.

Even the National Design Academy declared Monochrome as one of its big trends to watch out for. As a hospitality business, it’s always interesting to see how quickly design trends influence the tableware sectors too.

Tableware should never just be seen as items for diners to eat or drink from. They are important accessories which can help people to remember their overall dining experience. Tableware also tells a story about the chef, restaurant or bar itself, and it can show the personality and style of any eating or drinking establishment.

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How can you accessorise with black and white in your restaurant?

Interior stylist, Rory Robertson recently commented that black and white tableware is a must-have to get monochrome right in a dining-room. Ideal Home magazine has also published a number of features on how to accessorise with black and white tableware to complete the perfect monochrome look.

Around the world, some leading restaurants are already embracing this trend. ‘Pujol’ is considered by many to be the best restaurant in Mexico City and is already making a statement by using monochrome tableware. This has been specially created for them by designer Moisés Hernández.

How can Monochrome tableware help your dining offering?

With so much focus on the presentation of a dish, black and white tableware can add a dramatic look to any food offering. You will start with a truly blank canvas when you plate-up on black, white or a mixture of both. The colours you add to the place will really stand out on such a strong base, so the customer’s attention is on the ingredients themselves.

But it’s not just about the appearance! Research has been completed over the years on whether food tastes better when it’s on a white plate. Some chefs feel the cleanliness of a white plate allows you to truly focus on the flavours which go on it; without patterns or colours distracting the eye. Black adds an air of sophistication and suggests quality, allowing food to pop on the plate.

To give you a little taster into how you can accessorise with black and white, we’ve selected a range of Lockhart products that will allow you to experiment with the monochrome look yourself.

Here are five simple ways you can add black or white to your dinner tables.

1. Chef & Sommelier Olea

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Above: BL046

With C & S Olea cups, plates and sauces we offer a range of fine dining dinnerware with contrasting black and white glazes. Thanks to these high-quality finishes you will have a sleek look on your dinner tables.

2. Chef & Sommelier Primary Tumblers

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Above: CE011

Also, from C & S are our stunning black and white tumblers (CE011 and CE010). These are made from Krysta crystal and are completely dishwasher safe. You can create a bold statement on any dining table with these products.

3. Crème Galerie Buffet Bowls

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Above: BK524WH

We offer Crème Galeria buffet bowls in white (BK524WH) and black (BK524BK). These are produced from the highest-grade materials and state of the art manufacturing techniques. The 39cm XL buffet bowls are available in ivory, semi matt pebble grey or in an ultra-durable textured black onyx glaze.

4. Revol Succession Range

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Above: BL036

Thanks to Revol you can choose from bowls, pitchers, plates and cups in the Succession range of products. We love this range as it will add character to any food presentation. These products provide the perfect blend of modern design and minimalism.

5. Churchill Charcoal Rimmed Plate

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Above: BJ377

If you are wanting a mixture of black and white, the Churchill charcoal black rimmed plate (BJ377) could be your answer. These plates give you the perfect combination of texture and colour with the much-loved white centre for creative food presentation.

We’d love to know your thoughts on the monochrome look in restaurants. Do you think it’s a trend that is set to stay? Have you given it a try this year? Let us know by commenting on our social channels.


Lockhart Catering on 19 June 2018 12:00 AM

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