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2018 food trends
As one year inevitably calls last orders, a second opens for business, and with it comes a whole host of new and exciting food trends for you to incorporate into your restaurant or bar business.

In this blog post we're going to round up five food trends for 2018, as predicted by industry experts, that you need to know about. Which ones will you be introducing to your menu - or have you already got one step ahead?

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1. Asian Island Cuisine

This restaurant food trend is coming all the way from the Far East Asian islands! Filipino food will be in high demand, with influences from Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore making waves in the catering industry next year. A few dishes have already started to pop up on British menus, with the sour and bitter flavours drawing inspiration from both Europe and Asia, making for a palette that's exotic and aromatic yet distinctly familiar.

Add a touch of this exotic trend by adding dishes with ingredients such as sambal and kaffir lime to your menu. It's also expected that dishes such as Hainanese chicken rice and laksa will become common place in British restaurants.

2. ‘Instagrammable' menus

Think you have enough to worry about with just making your food and drinks taste fantastic? Well, for 2018, that could be the least of your worries! 2018 could spell a rise in brightly-coloured dishes that cater to the continually increasing popularity of online food photo-sharing. Chefs now face the demand of making what they serve appear interesting and attractive to not just secure happy customers, but generate a little online exposure.

Nonetheless, this trend isn't a totally superficial one. In fact, research suggests the colour of food can influence our taste experience too! So, think outside the box with tasty black breads, silky blue lattes (a vegan ‘coffee' with blue algae) and decadent purple cheesecakes! However, top chef Nigella Lawson has since refuted this trend of ‘instafood,' and instead argued that chefs prioritising appearance over ‘brown food [that] tastes best' is a tragedy. We'll let you be the judge of this one!

3. Are your dishes eco-friendly?

An increasing trend in people becoming more environmentally conscious has seen a rise in businesses keeping an eye on their food waste. Consequently, chefs are taking advantage of every part of the ingredients in their dishes. Expect nose-to-tail butchery, and recipes including the stems and leaves of vegetables.

Why not test the waters with pickled watermelon rinds, or broccoli-stem slaw in 2018? It doesn't just go a way towards cutting down your restaurant food waste, but makes for an interesting addition to your menu.

4. Go with your gut!

Allergen-friendly foods and vegan or plant-based diets have made an unprecedented entrance into mainstream culinary circles over the last two years. Now, restaurants are getting on board with health-conscious, gut-friendly menus.

Experiment with concepts that incorporate probiotic, prebiotic and anti-inflammatory ingredients such as aloe, flaxseed and turmeric. Toss aside traditional recipes for more complex, aromatic combinations such as ginger, turmeric and carrot soup.

5. The breakfast club

According to The NPD Group, in 2017 lunchtime restaurant visits were down by 80 million from the year befor, yet breakfast spending has increased by 31%. So, is your breakfast and brunch menu up to scratch?

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During 2018, that oh-so-important meal of the day will become an even bigger deal, with restaurants adopting breakfast inspired menus; from all-day brunches to artisan breakfasts. Why not experiment with breakfast-infused dishes, such as fluffy ricotta pancakes or breakfast pizza?

2018 spells a myriad of exciting new trends for restaurants and caterers alike to take advantage of - so, whether it's a brightly coloured breakfast pizza or an eco-friendly detox soup, have fun experimenting with the latest food trends for 2018. We hope you've found this blog useful, but now get even more prepared to deliver your on-trend dishes with our ranges of commercial Catering Appliances and Table Service Equipment.


Lockhart Catering on 1 December 2017 12:00 AM

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