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Prime Cooking

Combi Ovens

New models benefit from improved energy, water, and chemical consumption. As well as improvement in cooking time. If a sites oven is Rational SCC (up to 2015) then good savings can be made, older units will achieve large savings. If sites have a Rational SCC 5 senses, then it will only benefit from chemical and water savings (model dependant). Another area to save water, is to utilise a manufacturer than has a jet/spritz steam system rather than a traditional boiler steam system.

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Induction Equipment

Replacing a traditional gas or electric range/solid tops for an induction variant will return energy savings against each fuel type. Electric ranges see the greatest benefit when switching to induction. Note that induction compatible pans are required; and this may need to be addressed when budgeting for replacement.

Rational iVario

An independent study was performed by Zurich university and they measured their kitchen for a set period, then changed all of their traditional equipment for Rational Combination ovens and iVario and the study showed that significant savings are achievable, examples of which are as follows: 0.58kW/h > 0.38kW/h per meal, 1.8 tones of C0² saved, 53% reduction in water per meal as well as increased meal capacity and cooking options.

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Gas Chargrills

Synergy gas chargrills will save 50% on gas consumption.

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Energy efficiency in the fryer sector is based upon technology and operating efficiencies. We can supply fryers that have a unique element design that will not only warm the oil up quicker but does so in a more uniform way which enhances oil life. In built gravity or pumped filtration options further increase oil quality and savings. Utilising an eco mode for quieter times will maintain the fryer at a lower user set temperature and recovers quickly. Automatic baskets lifts are another option for increasing consistency of fried food and saves the operator time. Because programs will lift the food at the right time the chance of burning food and degrading the oil is reduced.

Low oil volume fryers are what you will find in the QSR sector, they use less oil in the vats, have consistent heat with no hot spots, integral filtration and can have basket lift, automatic oil removal/top up systems and fully programmable, including programmed oil filtering. Although these fryers are more expensive than a standard fryer, they will pay themselves back in energy and oil savings within the first three years (Manufacturer stated figure) These units are designed for long life.

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Portable Fryer Filtration

Vito offers a line-up of portable filtration units, with models for smaller and larger fryer vats. Typically saving between 40-50% on oil consumption. They will require an ongoing filter paper consumable; this has to be accounted for when working out savings. Filtering usually takes 5 mins to complete the cycle.

Pressure Steamers/Cooking

Hobart’s pressure steamer can cook portions of broccoli, for example, in under 30 seconds, which allows you to produce on demand instead of bulk cooking and producing any potential wastage. It can be used for other food types too, a good consideration for sites that do a lot of steaming or have a dedicated atmospheric steamer.

Pressure cooking will reduce cook times and can improve food quality, this is because water under pressure has an increased boiling temperature of 118°C. Examples of pressure equipment are multi cooking centres (iVario), pressurised bratt pans, pressure fryers, pressure steamers.

Accelerated Cooking/Microwaves

Merrychef, TurboChef, Lincat CiBo+, Panasonic are all great options for accelerated cooking. Some of the units have an eco-mode which can keep the unit warm and ready for use for under 1kW per hour energy consumption with a small heat up time. Cooking Pizza, oven French fries, chicken goujons and wings to name but a few, in minutes to a very good quality.

Microwaves can be considered as energy efficient because they’re only on when they’re needed. Having a unit correctly specifies will aid your service. I.e. multi portion cooking considerations.

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Clam Griddles

Using a clam griddle instead of a traditional griddle for protein can be advantageous, as you can cook both sides at the same time, reducing time and energy consumption. QSR utilise these systems for speed, consistency and quality.

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Look out for A-rated cabinet and counter fridges with developments in the evaporators/condenser system which do not get blocked with dust as easily, this results in a more consistent energy usage and less servicing requirements.

Best practices and operator training can also assist with energy efficiency as overloading a fridge above the fill line for example, will result in higher energy consumption and is a common practice. Unit placement is another important factor, if a fridge or freezer is in direct sunlight, this will result in an increased consumption as well as reducing the overall lifecycle of the unit.

Maintain door seals and replace any in poor condition or with poor sealing.

A cold room can be more energy efficient than running multiple cabinets and offer better storage space vs. footprint than a cabinet or counter fridge. Having curtains retro fitted to cold room doors will reduce energy consumption. Changing condensers for a modern unit can provide enhanced energy saving capabilities, utilising an environmentally friendly refrigeration gas.

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Servery and Front of House

CED Fabrication

Heated Servery

Utilising induction buffet technology instead of traditional hot plates and bain-maries is a good way to save energy. Please note that buffet induction technology will require different serving pans and wares. They are available in a countertop or undercounter solutions.

Alternatively, there has been development in traditional gastronorm servery equipment with the Hupfer Thermadry system, which offers lower energy input, immediate heat, greater safety with faster work processes. Trak suggest it offers 63% energy conservation compared to traditional units.

Heated merchandisers with doors will save energy compared to an open front model.

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Refrigerated Servery

Using multideck display fridges with doors rather than open front will reduce energy consumption.

Adande have developed a multideck that offers more display space per footprint than any other manufacturer. They have a unique refrigeration system that saves the required space compared to a traditional multideck manufacturer (a 1000mm Adande will have the same storage space as a 1500mm Williams Slimline multideck. Please note that the Adande units are not available with doors but have developed an air curtain technology that improves cold air flow circulation.

Doors on any refrigerated drop-in units on both customer and culinary side will improve energy efficiency.

Air circulation within the counter carcass can offer energy saving benefits, especially with refrigerated units. Poor ventilation results in the units running hotter. Also using tropical condensers on the equipment, designed for use in hotter environments will increase the life of a refrigeration system as it will not need to work as hard to maintain temperatures.


Marco Beverage Systems

Using an autofill water boiler with an Eco-mode will save energy during quiet times. Using thermal air pots for hot water storage instead of having a boiler operating all day can provide energy savings for smaller operations. Thermal air pots will maintain hot water temperatures for a good time duration.

Shop Energy Efficient Water Boilers


Veg Prep Machines

Using specific vegetable preparation units will increase consistency resulting is food savings. i.e. a slicer can ensure eight slices per tomato consistently, compared to hand cutting which can result in less slices per tomato. Certain veg prep manufacturers perform differently and can result in tomatoes, for example, having a longer display life once prepared rather than starting to breakdown after two hours.

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Weighing produce upon delivery to ensure you are receiving the correct weight of produce on your orders can result in cost savings.

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Metcalfe Potato Peelers

The sealed gearbox is to reduce gravel exposure, prevent costly repairs. It allows separation but this is a manual process.

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Washing and Hygiene

Ware Washing

There are a lot of unit options that are available with energy recovery devices as well as further benefit in energy consumption, water, and detergent savings. In all formats from undercounter through to utensil and flight style dishwashers. Manufacturer developed chemicals also offer better washing and drying performance on plastics wares which will result in labour savings and improved consistency.

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Handwash Basins

Changing to a timed dispense handwash basin will achieve great water savings compared to a traditional lever arm hand wash basin. These units can typically provide pay itself within two years just from water savings alone.

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Pre rinse Spray Arms

Purchase them with an alternative eco spray gun and benefit from the water savings. Savings vary by pre rinse spray arm type, water pressure and type of spray gun selected.

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Extraction canopies over cooklines are available with heat recovery devices and harvest energy. Sites can replace their existing canopy fan motor (maintain current fabricated canopy) with a version that has variable speed control and other features that will reduce energy consumption.

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Cost Free Energy Efficiency Improvements

  • For hobs, use pans with the correct base size.
  • Lids should be kept on pans.
  • When possible, use simmer controls.
  • Keep your fridge away from hot cooking equipment - this will prevent it from having to work as hard.
  • Make sure refrigerators are ventilated well - staff can often block ventilation panels inadvertently.
  • When a fridge or freezer is overloaded, it is working harder, consuming more energy, and resulting in a shorter life cycle for the appliance.
  • Refrigeration equipment doors should not be propped open, and coldroom curtains should be fitted where necessary.
  • Regularly clean the grease filters in the extractor hood.
  • Keeping gas burners turned off when not in use saves gas, lowers the temperature in the kitchen, reducing the workload for refrigeration equipment.
  • Check gaskets and seals - a bad seal can be up to 11% inefficient.
  • Refrigeration equipment performs better when the condenser coil is cleaned.
  • Ensure your equipment is regularly serviced.
  • At the plug, switch it off
  • Provide Internal training and operational efficiency developments.

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