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Bunzl Lockhart Catering Equipment has launched a new, distinctive range of tableware, designed and distributed exclusively by the business, with the aim of pushing the boundaries in style and quality, whilst at the same time offering operators extraordinary value for money. Crème combines perfectly balanced ivory colouring in a range of innovative shapes and profiles to create a stunning blank canvas for chefs to present their art.

The range comes with a lifetime edge chip warranty. It is produced from the best ceramic materials available anywhere in the world, using only the finest European clays and a high content of alumina, with world-class levels of performance for strength and durability. Crème only uses the finest 100% lead free glaze to ensure that the tableware can be exposed to daily dishwashing and the stress of a busy kitchen. Manufactured in a brand new $30m factory, the range utilises the latest forming, finishing and firing technology to guarantee consistency, efficiency and effective environmental control.

Five collections make up the range across 82 separate pieces, all of which can be mixed and matched and include four ‘signature plates’ in distinctive shapes and sizes, priced by case. The collection is themed around the world’s great impressionist artists and includes: The Impressions Collection, Monet Collection, Matisse Collection, Renoir Collection and Cezanne Collection.

Impressions Collection

The Impressions Collection comprises four completely unique designs which epitomise the spirit of creativity at the heart of the Crème brand. It was created through a collaboration with some of the UK’s brightest culinary talent, combined with the extraordinary vision of internationally renowned industrial designer Philip Forrest-Smith. The collection gives chefs an exciting opportunity to frame the dishes they create by showcasing their art to its very best advantage.

For example, Cerne, the French word for circle, was inspired by the desire to re-imagine the simplest of tableware designs, so in this case the round plate. When viewed from above, Cerne appears to be entirely conventional but when viewed in profile the radical nature of its design is revealed. The plate is 31cm and is priced at just £57.00 for a case of six.

In contrast, Carré, which means square in French demonstrates that there are other ways to perfectly balance form and function when presenting food. The plate is 27cm x 27cm and also costs £57.00 for a case of six. Ècharde plays with conventional perspective, taking its inspiration from a desire to look at the design of a plate form from quite literally a number of different angles. The price is £57.00 for six and size is 30cm x 18cm. The Futuriste plate is a bold re-imagining of a conventional theme, offering the perfect solution for chefs looking to present a classic dish with a futuristic twist.

"A Huge But Exciting Task"

Paul Nieduszynski, Managing Director, Bunzl Lockhart Catering Equipment commented:

"We set ourselves the huge but exciting task of creating something truly unique for chefs with Crème, by designing a range that is premium, different and leading. Crème is revolutionary, because it defies the rules of convention by offering chefs truly world-class standards of quality and product performance at remarkably affordable prices. We benchmarked Crème against the leading brands in the market and have priced it approximately 15 percent below the lowest price points of those brands, to ensure ‘The Art of the affordable’ possible."

For further information about the new Crème range and to receive a brochure visit creme online shop or call 03701 678 678.


Lockhart Catering on 13 July 2015 12:00 AM

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