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Find your innovation today by using Churchills Inspiration feature, whether you are a Chef looking for menu ideas or someone who just wants to put together a creative tableware presentation, Churchill have all the recommendations you need. You will never run out of inventiveness & ideas with this handy feature.

Our Supplier of The Year, Churchill have recently added a new feature onto their website to inspire you with tableware and food trends. This exciting feature will let you see Churchill’s recommended products for key food styles including Casual Eats, Tapas and Small Plates, Bar and Pub Food and Premium and Fine Dining. You can also see which products Churchill suggest for Food Trends including Asian Fusion, Conscious and Clean, Rustic Italian and more. Alternatively, you can browse through their Inspiration Gallery where you are able to filter through Style, Colour, Range and Trend.

Browse our Churchill Tableware Summer Savers

Shop By Food Styles - Casual Eats

Churchill want you to Embrace the Top Food Trends with Casual Cuisines.

"The way we like to dine is becoming increasingly casual, with menus still hugely influenced by the innovation of street food and the relaxed style of tapas and sharing plates. Customisation has become a key opportunity for differentiation and breaking out from the crowd, and with that we see more build-your-own concepts and options designed for personalisation."

Shop By Food Styles - Premium and Fine Dining

Rural Restaurants Recognised by Michelin Stars.

"Eating out has become the most popular way we like to spend our disposable income as a society. Now, even the finest of dining is more accessible and relaxed but maintains all its well-earned prestige. The most premium and top-quality food is served in pubs as well as restaurants, reflected by how the coveted Michelin Stars have been awarded over recent years."

Shop By Food Styles - Brunch

Healthy Breakfasts and Boozy Brunches.

"The millennial-driven trend has more than doubled in the past few years, with popularity surges in healthy on-the-go breakfasts as well as indulgent weekend brunches as social concepts. This popular phenomenon has recently been taken to the next level, with diners embracing the idea of a boozy ‘bottomless brunch’ with open arms."

Shop By Food Trend - Rustic Italian

Tradition with a Twist.

"Adapting to the dietary requirements of the modern diner, chefs celebrate their alternatives for vegetarians and vegans, with cauliflower pizza bases and mozzarella made from soy. Eating style also prevails, with the popularity of communal sharing food becoming ever more relevant; family-style feasting, small plates and antipasti sharing platters are part of a typical table set up."

Shop By Food Trend - Asian Fusions

The Fastest Growing Hospitality Food Trend.

"The cuisines of South East Asia are the largest and fastest growing food trends in the international restaurant industry. Diners are being more adventurous than ever before, seeking out the flavours, experiences, and ingredients that they encountered while travelling. With our societies increasingly multicultural, traditional family recipes from across the world are brought back to the hospitality industry and diverse dishes from Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and Vietnam are growing in popularity. Chinese made a comeback in 2019, but 2020 is set to be the year of Filipino food."

Churchill's Latest Colour Trend

New Neutrals – Embracing Rustic Simplicity

"Neutral colours are the perfect backdrop; whites, taupes, beiges, olives and greys are the perfect colour palette for a blank canvas. Choosing these ‘new neutrals’ evokes a feeling of contemporary simplicity and brings focus on the finer details. Fresh and light colour tones symbolise the restart of life, particularly following difficult times."

Get Inspired In Churchill's New Gallery

Style - Desserts

Colour - Grey

Range - Bamboo Glass

Trend - Desserts

Style - Premium and Fine

Colour - Blue

Range - Isla

Trend - Blue Planet

Style - Bar and Pub Food

Colour - Black

Range - Menu Shades

Trend - US Soul Food

Find your innovation today by using Churchill's Inspiration feature, whether you are a Chef looking for menu ideas or someone who just wants to put together a creative tableware presentation, Churchill have all the recommendations you need. You will never run out of inventiveness and ideas with this handy feature.

Browse Lockhart’s Summer Savers, our exclusive suppliers include Churchill. Get your discounted Churchill tableware here >>


Lockhart Catering on 8 September 2020 10:00 AM

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