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Here at Lockhart Catering we have put together design concepts using Churchill’s colourful tableware to inspire Chefs with dining settings once the hospitality industry is up and running.

For more than 220 years, Churchill has been manufacturing and supplying tableware solutions of the finest standard. From premium woodware products to innovative ceramic crockery, there is something for all tastes and requirements.

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Retro Chic

Many restaurants will be wanting to update their dining settings once the industry reopens to keep up with trends and consumer demands, Retro Chic is a design trend that is becoming more popular due to the mid-century modern design. To cater to this design concept, Studio Prints Stone pieces offer a ‘retro’ due to its hand carving ceramics from natural stone.


Tableware can offer a sense of escapism if used correctly and with food that complements this concept. We recommend using Studio Prints Raku, they have a neutral base for food presentation and the colour is acquired through spontaneous effects. The traditional glazing process the tableware goes through is what creates the expressive design, ensuring of the escapism design concept.

Conscious and Clean

Consumers growing conscious of the impact of their lifestyles are now seeking businesses that share their value. These type of consumers are willing to pay more for responsible food, products, and experiences. Tableware that complements these conscious concepts are neutrals, earthy tones, or fresh greens. Bold colours, tactile textures and interesting shapes are part of a creative chef’s toolkit for creating wow-factor; we recommend Studio Prints Mineral to create this design concept.

Asian Fusions

The cuisines of South East Asia are the largest and fastest growing food trends in the international restaurant industry which is shown by the Oriental Food Report who surveyed over 3000 consumers, “It was found that restaurants, especially those in and around London, are driving consumption of the cuisines, with 70-80% of those who eat Asian food doing so in a restaurant.” Diners are being more adventurous than ever before, seeking out the flavours, experiences, and ingredients that they encountered while travelling. Restaurants serving creative cuisine seek out tableware variety, combining different shapes, colours and textures. The eye catching and reactive glaze effects of Studio Prints Kintsugi on triangles are ideal for serving dishes like sushi, gyoza and more.

Rustic Italian

Italian cuisine has been hailed as the most beloved food style across the globe, and that does not appear to be changing any time soon. Serving Italian cuisine on coloured tableware enhances presentation and adds style. Warm and rustic tones, such as Studio Prints Agano, is perfect for serving pasta in deep coupe or triangle bowls.

Find innovation today by using Churchills Inspiration feature, whether you are a Chef looking for menu ideas or someone who just wants to put together a creative tableware presentation, Churchill have all the recommendations you need.

Lockhart Catering are offering a 20% discount on all Churchill Studio Prints tableware until the 31st March 2021 - Bold yet elegant, the Studio Prints catering tableware range by Churchill is one of a kind.

Shop via our website or contact our sales team for more information on 03701 678678


Lockhart Catering on 28 January 2021 10:00 AM

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