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Good Food has always been a popular place for people to discover new recipes and they have found that "cake recipe", "bread recipe", and "banana bread recipe" were the leading search terms according to Google Trends.

There's no doubt that during lockdown home baking has dominated many conversations both on and offline. With families having so much time at home and trips to the shops needing to be limited, the nation has turned to their own kitchens to show their cooking creativity.

Home Cooking & Baking Products

According to research by Kantar, 57% of Generation Z and 63% of Millennials are trying new recipes (vs 51% overall) with butter sales up by 16%. A YouGov study also revealed that half of the nation has done some form of home baking whilst on lockdown.

Another indicator of the newfound passion for baking is Google searches have seen a dramatic increase since we heard Boris Johnson's announcement in March.

Video Content

Video content has played an important role in helping people to develop their home culinary skills with YouTube seeing a rise in requests for instructional videos. As a chef during this time you could play a key part in helping your customers to develop their skills and improve your brand loyalty. It's surprising how easy it is to record and edit cooking videos using your phone these days and could be a way of attracting new customers in the longer term. Look at the conversations happening online or create a post on your restaurant channels to generate consumer opinion on the types of videos they want to see.

What have people been making?

In a study by Brandwatch, bread topped the list of baking highlights but when they delved deeper into their data they also discovered that cookies were also a big hit, probably as they are quick and easy to make. The more surprising items on this survey were banana bread and sourdough.

A National Trust survey had cheese scones, apple and rhubarb crumble and sponge cake at the top of its list. Visits to their home bake pages have increased by almost 900% compared with the same time last year. BBC Good Food has always been a popular place for people to discover new recipes and they have found that "cake recipe", "bread recipe", and "banana bread recipe" were the leading search terms according to Google Trends.

What's next for home baking?

One thing hospitality businesses need to bear in mind is when the industry re-opens you are going to have a more knowledgeable customer-base. Buying local is going to be more important than ever as diner's question what they are eating on a greater level. Eating out is also likely to feel more special as consumers have missed out on this experience for such a long period of time. How can you make the experience that little bit more memorable? Think about the first impressions that consumers will have when they see your food.

It's time to get prepared

We know that hospitality as an industry is already planning to open its doors over the coming weeks and months. To help those looking to take some of these latest food trends back into the workplace or for those looking to keep home baking a top priority post lockdown, we have created a dedicated area on our website with some of the most popular products.

Our baking highlights

During lockdown we have loved looking at what people & businesses are making at home and how they display them. Here's a selection of some of our favourite images which show how our range of baking display products have been used in lockdown to showcase delicious cakes and other sweet treats...

Cake Display

How stunning is this cake display using our range of products? By using a mixture of crockery, it allows each cake to stand out and look really interesting. We can imagine by posting an image like this on your own channels its bound to entice people to try your cakes whether that's via delivery, takeaway or back in your restaurant when it reopens.

Cake party ?????? #cakecakecake #foodstyling #teatime #cakelife

Churchill Innovation

If you are looking for new ideas for your business, are planning to have a home dinner party once we are able to meet others or simply want to do something special for your family, the Churchill crockery range will add a stunning touch to any home baking. Churchill bowls and plates are known around the world for creating beautiful food displays.

We love in this example how the colours contrast with the Churchill plates to make the delicious rose macaroons stand out.

Rose macarons ?? ?? #macaronstagram #cakestyling #teatime??

Genware Display

If you are looking for something a little more rustic then check out the Genware Terra Porcelain as it gives this Bundt Cake such a warm finish.

Poppyseed & Lemon drizzle bundt cake ?? ?? #cakecakecakecake #lemonandpoppyseed #cakestyling #bundtcake


We've also loved showcasing other Chefs & Bakers during this period, and @Philsburybakes is no exception, with his fantastic Duffins (doughnut & muffin mix-up). Read more about when Phil visited us to discuss his Savoury Spirals Recipe.

Want to attempt these yourself? Follow the recipe posted in the comment section of @philsburybakes attempt or head over to @the_baking_nanna to see her create them on her live. #Repost @philsburybakes * * * * * * Had a bit of a baking afternoon, first it was a bake-along live with @the_baking_nanna and made these ever so yummy Duffins (Doughnut & Muffin mix up) then knocked up this Vanilla & Raspberry Swiss Roll for another live coming up soon. #stayhomeandbake #duffins #swissroll #thebakingbiker #essexbaking #baking #bakingmakesmehappy #homemade #gbbo2019 #gbbobakealong #gbbo #thegreatbritishbakeoff #thegreatbritishbakingshow #bakingisfun #bakersgonnabake #baking #homebaking #selftaught #foodporn #madewithlove #lovetobake

Hospitality Action

And finally, the efforts of the Hospitality industry as a whole have been a personal highlight of ours with the Hospitality Action Emergency COVID-19 Appeal gaining so much traction and publicity. Here we have Camden Town Brewery teaming up with Vicky's Donuts to do a live Baking session on Instagram in aid of this appeal.

You don't want to miss out! Head over at 7pm this Tuesday! #Repost @hospitalityaction * * * * * * Has lockdown rekindled your passion for baking? Head over to @camdentownbrewery Insta Live feed this Tues at 7pm to get your bake on! Reposted from @camdentownbrewery BAKING + BEER with @vickysdonuts - Make these 'Kitchen Sink Cookies' with us on Insta Live using whatever treats you find or fancy. Tuesday at 7pm, all for raising money for @hospitalityaction ?? SWIPE for ingredients! - #regrann

We hope this has given you some inspiration on the best ways to display your cakes whether you are baking at home or in your restaurant, pub or café. Share your baking photos with us using the hashtag #LockhartBakes and tag @BunzlLockhart.


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