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The divide between breakfast, lunch and dinner is eroding...

The Trend

Whilst the idea of the all-day breakfast is not all that new, it’s been getting a lot of attention lately. Most fast-food restaurants are starting to offer some sort of all-day breakfast menu and the reason is simple - breakfast is often more affordable for both consumers and food service operators.

After McDonald’s in the U.S. committed to its all-day breakfast strategy, the company’s share price went up by almost 25 percent.

People are attracted to breakfast because it’s a meal that feels natural at any time of the day. Eggs, which add rich flavour, are one of the most appealing and satisfying ingredients in the food industry and a report from the research firm, Technomic, states that seven out of 10 consumers say they are interested in the availability of breakfast at any time of the day.

By offering breakfast beyond the morning hours, operators can attract those getting a later start, along with customers who don’t have time to stop by in the morning but crave a breakfast option later in the day. Many food service companies are realising that the divide between breakfast, lunch and dinner is eroding.

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The Pursuit Of Convenience

The pursuit of convenience seems to be trumping the traditional view of how individuals pace themselves throughout a typical day. The standard threemeals- a-day approach is slowly becoming more of an ideal than reality. In response, restaurant operators are starting to offer all-day breakfast meal options to satisfy consumers’ needs for convenience, value, variety and the ability to customise orders.

As the trend grows in popularity, expect to see new variations on traditional breakfast items appearing on restaurant menus; from tortilla omelette to organic quinoa with eggs, ham & swiss quiche to crescent sausage, egg & cheese bake... the future of breakfast options is looking increasingly exotic!

As menus evolve the style of presentation will also need to change. We've put together some presentation ideas to give breakfast that wow factor whatever time of day your customers choose to eat it.

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Lockhart Catering on 5 June 2017 10:00 AM

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