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Michelin Stars are a rating system used by the Michelin guide to rate restaurants on the quality of their food.

The Michelin Star is primarily rewarded to the restaurant itself, although all credit is given to the chef in charge of the kitchen. According to the Michelin, there are currently 168 restaurants in the United Kingdom with either one, two or three Michelin stars to their name.

What do the Michelin Star Ratings signify?

The Michelin judges are keen on being discrete and remain anonymous throughout their dining experience. When tasting the food, they have a list of criteria to judge which include:

-The quality of the ingredients used by the chef

-The mastery of flavour

-The cooking techniques

-The personality of the chef in their cuisine

-Value for money

-Consistency between visits

Based on how positively the criteria was rated depends on if said restaurant gets given a Michelin Star, which ultimately changes the future of a restaurant completely. Restaurants can gain up to three Michelin Stars resting on the performance of their food, this is what the Michelin Star ratings mean:

One Michelin Star: High quality cooking, worth a stop.

Two Michelin Stars: Excellent cooking, worth a detour.

Three Stars: Exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey.

British Michelin Star Chefs

Brad Carter - One Michelin Star

Brad Carter is the Chef and Owner of Carters of Moseley, he gained his first Michelin Star in 2015 and is still holding it five years later. Brad holds a food style that revolves around celebrating the best of British produce, at the atmospheric Carters of Moseley he drives to create innovative dishes that are full of flavour.

Brad shared the below recipe via The Staff Canteen and showcases his love of British produce with his pork-based dish.

Brad concocted Tamworth Pork, Grains and Seeds. A delicate recipe like this deserves to be presented on tableware that will show off the detail ingrained within, we suggest our Fine Dine range designed by RAK Porcelain who thrive on their exceptional quality.

Nathan Outlaw - Two Michelin Stars

Nathan Outlaw is the Chef and Owner at Nathan Outlaw's, the restaurant received its first two Michelin Stars in 2010 where they then retained that when the restaurant relocated to Port Isaac in Cornwall from the St. Enodoc Hotel in Rock. Nathan's food style is based around seafood and fish which he resources from the Cornish fishermen, executing clean and vibrant flavours throughout his dishes. Aside from his self-titled restaurant, he has successfully opened four other restaurants under his empire that showcase his passion for cooking seafood.

Nathan shared a recipe from his Nathan Outlaw Cookbook via The Staff Canteen, and it shows his love for all seafood and fresh vegetables.

Nathan concocted Crab and Asparagus which is a recipe he is fond of as it reminds him of spring and the arrival of the first asparagus from St Enodoc, we suggest that this dish should be presented in our Mediterranean Textures range designed by Pordamsa. They create tableware that is inspired by nature which we think works well with this fish dish.

Adam Smith - One Michelin Star

Adam Smith is the Executive Chef at Coworth Park, just over a year of Adam being there the restaurant gained its first Michelin Star which shows his culinary excellence in the kitchen. His professional career began when he worked at The Ritz in London, this is where he was lucky enough to learn a wide range of culinary skills and techniques which shaped where he is today. Adams food style is modern and British, he uses produce which is influenced by grown in-house of the estate which means that all ingredients are fresh to create his 'British Inspired' meals. Cowarth Park offer three separate dining areas, all of them which Adam oversees and creates bespoke menus for.

Adam posted his Chocolate Tart recipe in honour of Valentines Day via The Staff Canteen. This recipe showcases his love for British and rich ingredients, if you are eager to give this a go then we suggest presenting this tart on our Tourron range created by Jars Ceramistes, this being that the colourful tableware will complement the dark chocolate exceptionally well.

To receive a Michelin Star is an overwhelming achievement for a Chef. All the above Chefs have excelled and showed determination to be able to either retain or gain a star for their Restaurant, which is your favourite destination? Whichever you choose, Michelin Stars can be taken away or given every year; so, we're always eager to see which Restaurants prove to be 'worth a stop' this year!

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Which restaurant do you think will achieve a Michelin Star this year? We'd love to know your thoughts via our social media. You can find us at @chefsdotnet, Instagram and Facebook.


Lockhart Catering on 25 February 2020 12:00 AM

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