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It’s always great to see people enjoying the great outdoors with some alfresco eating and drinking in a British summer.

Fresh air and sunshine often encourages people to enjoy different drinks to their usual tipple of choice. It’s a time when we see bartenders showcasing new summer recipes to entice us into their venue as people are looking for refreshing drinks that will quench their thirst and help them relax. Whilst we are seeing many new drinks on bar menu boards, one summer cocktail has stood the test of time - the famous Tequila Sunrise. This brightly coloured drink is known for looking like a sunrise with its darker appearance at the bottom of the glass due to the grenadine which is poured over tequila and orange juice.

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The popularity of Tequila is on the rise and has been for some time. According to Euromonitor, Tequila sales have grown every year for the last six years and are predicted to hit 302 million litres in 2018. One of the reasons for Tequila’s growing popularity is its versatile nature. It seems that people have come to appreciate high-quality, ultra-premium Tequila as a luxury spirit that can be drunk on its own, served over a little ice or as the basis for a wide range of classic cocktails.

It’s good for your health

Did you know that tequila is also known for having its health benefits? Scientists in Mexico have found that it is actually good for your bones as it enhances the absorption of calcium into the body. It is also thought to help you digest food better.

How should a classic Tequila Sunrise be served?

A Tequila Sunrise is often served in a stemmed glass, hi-ball or tumbler. Start by filling the chosen glass with ice and mixing the tequila and orange juice together in a shaker. The mixture should then be poured over the ice. Tilt the glass to add the grenadine slowly into the drink and then leave it to settle for a minute, when it does you will see the sunset appearance in the glass. If you are looking for food to pair with your Tequila, why not add a taste of Mexico for a truly authentic feel.

We’re showcasing some of our favourite products to help you serve classic cocktails that will be loved and remembered by your customers. One brand which is perfect for providing all your barware needs is Artis. It is one of the largest companies supplying tableware, glassware, cutlery and barware products to the foodservice industry with over half a century of expertise. With six ranges of innovative glassware you will be spoilt for choice. However, the Artis Gibraltar Twist tumbler glasses are perfect for serving classic cocktails such as the Tequila Sunrise. It has a quirky edge and looks as if the glass has been twisted during firing. These glasses are extremely durable so are ideal for busy locations.

See the Gibraltar Twist in action

Creating the perfect cocktail isn’t always about the glass it’s served in though. Bartenders need the right utensils to make sure the recipe is created to perfection. The Bonzer mixing spoon is a favourite amongst British bartenders. Its spiralled shaft both adds beauty and practicality to this tool, giving you the ability to layer drinks so you can create stunning looking and tasting cocktails.

Discover the Bonzer mixing spoons

Add a twist to your tequila tasting

We also have many other products designed to make customers want to try your tequila drinks time and time again. Here’s three of our favourites.

1. The Utopia Bamboo Shot Paddle

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Shop Here: Provides a quirky alternative to a standard tray and is available to carry six individual tequila shots. It’s a fun way to serve shots and is the perfect presentation piece!

2. Parrot Handled Cocktail Glass from Arcoroc

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Shop Here: For those wanting to offer sharing cocktails in a fun and interesting way, make sure you discover this glass. It’s perfectly suited to the casual dining or bar environment and will add the fun-factor to your Tequila Sunrise.

3. Square Glass Jar by American Metalcraft

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Shop Here: Looking for a more unusual or trendy way to serve your next tequila cocktail? The square glass jar from American METALCRAFT, Inc can be used either front or back of house and is a fantastic choice for serving drinks in a fun way.

How do you serve your Tequila Sunrise? We’d love to see your pictures, recipes and ideas. Follow us @BunzlLockhart.


Lockhart Catering on 4 July 2018 12:00 AM

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