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Catch up on the latest catering trends from our Suppliers, Trend Set Magazine, and our London Innovation Centre. Be inspired!

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Buffet Breakfasts: How Small Hotels Can Keep On Top Of The Trends

13 August 2019

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and when we stay in hotels its importance is elevated further still.

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GUEST POST: Stainless Steel - Ideal for Commercial Kitchens

23 April 2019

Stainless steel has been a go-to material in the world of catering for a long time now. First seen in 1913, Harry Brearley made a discovery of ‘rustless’ steel.

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GUEST POST: Creative ways to deal with food waste

04 October 2018

Guest author SimpleOrder by Upserve, have given an expert overview of key ways to tackle your business food waste, with real-world examples from Industry Chefs...

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