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The return of classic French food

In a world of hyper-fusion gastronomy and increasingly eclectic trends, one might think that the days of classic French cuisine were over.

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But if recent restaurant trends are anything to go by, you might have to think again. Marylebone’s Orrery restaurant recently relaunched its menu, featuring more classic French dishes like fillet steak with truffle dressing and Soulard duck with braised savoy and parsnip while Soho’s L’Escargot is also gaining popularity for its bourgeois French menu. In fact right across the capital there’s been a distinct increase in restaurants bringing back the classics to their menus. French classic cuisine suddenly seems to have a distinct lustré about it once more. In truth French food has always been an integral part of British cuisine and classic dishes like Boeuf Bourguignon never really went out of fashion.

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Keep It Simple

The best classics, of course, are simple dishes done well and by reintroducing diners to the pleasures of traditional French cuisine restaurants are making the bistro experience relevant again for the modern diner. But if the art of bistro cuisine is in recreating dishes that are reminiscent of a past era then shouldn’t this extend to the ambience in which the food is served as well? Perhaps the time has come for a return to chefs wearing toques and tables are decorated with long candles to bring about that fundamentally French je ne sais quoi. But if ambience is key then that definitely includes the tableware these classic French dishes are served on. We’ve put together a selection of ideas for delivering the perfect bistro experience.

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1. BI313 - Alto Cadenza Coupe Plate 121/5” 31cm - £35.00 (case of 4)
2. BE637GR - Craft Soup Bowl With Lid 42.5cl 15oz - £61.50 (case of 6)
3. BK662LI - Craft Liquorice Bowl Freestyle 18cm 15.3oz - £124.80 (case of 12)
4. BK020 - Alto Cadenza Moules Bowl (Base & Lid) 92/5” 24cm - £17.95
5. BK745 - Round Eared Dish, Fluted Pepper 15cm - £38.84 (case of 4)
6. BL035 - Round Eared Dish 7 x 11/2”, Cast Iron - £48.24 (case of 4)
7. BK748 - Round Flan Dish Pepper 30cm - £23.44
8. BI805IV - Arborescence Presentation Plate 31cm - £47.70 (case of 2)
9. BK526GY - Artisan Pebble Island Plate 103/5” 33cm - £57.00 (case of 6)
10. BJ375 - Raku Topaz Blue Chefs Plate 35.5 x 18.9cm - £151.20 (case of 6)
11. BK653LI - Craft Liquorice Coupe Plate 15.25cm 6” - £153.36 (case of 36)
12. BK656LI - Craft Liquorice Freestyle Plate 25cm 10” - £184.56 (case of 12)
13. BK654LI - Craft Liquorice Coupe Bowl 25.5cm 10” - £146.76 (case of 12)
14. BK016 - Alto Cinder Plate 62/3” 17cm - £54.00 (case of 12)
15. BK009 - Alto Staccato Deep Plate 121/5” 31cm - £48.00 (case of 4)
16. BK737 - Catalan Bowl Pepper 14cm - £50.40 (case of 6)

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Lockhart Catering on 4 June 2018 10:00 AM

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