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How new flavours are taking Gin to even greater heights

The renewed interest in gin is showing no signs of slowing, with sales in 2017 up by another 27% compared to 2016..

The Trend

Much of the growth in the last few years has been driven by the explosion of interest in botanical gins, a phenomenon that we have covered previously in Trend Set. But now a new trend is rapidly emerging, flavoured gin, and this is helping to broaden the appeal of gin even further and push sales up to new heights. The result is that there’s been an explosion in the range of flavoured gins available in the market covering every conceivable flavour from tangy citrus to earthy rhubarb.

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The key to gin’s success seems to be a combination of its affordability (compared to a lot of other spirits) but also a willingness on the part of British consumers to experiment with it. The growth of botanical gins has created a whole new generation of fashion-conscious gin drinkers who have embraced the idea of gins being available in a range of differing taste and flavour profiles. Consequently flavoured gins simply represent the extension of a trend that they were already embracing and comfortable with. With the growing popularity of gin parties, gin menus and even advent-style ‘ginvent calendars’ in the run-up to Christmas, the potential for this classic spirit seems almost limitless, with overall industry sales expected to surge still higher this year. So this is one sure-fire trend that you will want to take advantage of in 2018. We’ve put together a carefully selected range of glassware to create a fresh look for the new flavoured world of gin drinkers. We hope you’ll like them.

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1. CE654 - Deco Hiball 13.75oz (39cl) - £18.48 (case of 6)
2. CE653 - Deco Double Old Fashioned 11oz (31cl) - £13.50 (case of 6)
3. DI521 - Metal Martini Double Walled 7oz - £432.00 (case of 24)
4. CE655 - Bistro Cubata Cocktail 22.5oz (64cl) - £23.64 (case of 12)
5. CD645 - Junipur Gin 72cl 25.3oz - £28.20 (case of 15)
6. DI503 - Cocktail Mixing Glass, Clear, Stemmed 30oz - £288.00 (case of 12)
7. DH950 - Vintage Classic Bar Spoon 27cm - £7.27
8. CE098 - Glacial Gin Balloon 65.5cl - £9.30 (case of 6)
9. CE650 - Arome Gin Goblet 60cl 21oz - £24.18 (case of 6)
10. CE228 - 1924 Gin Goblet 62cl 21.75oz - £44.76 (case of 12)
11. CE651 - Alterno Gin - 54cl 19oz - £19.68 (case of 6)
12. CD704 - Misket Coupe Cocktail Glass 64.5cl / 22.5oz - £13.08 (case of 6)
13. DG915 - Straight Gun Metal Mug 50cl / 17.5oz - £10.78
14. DG871 - Gun Metal Muddler 22.5cm - £7.37
15. DG873 - Gun Metal Premium Hawthorne Strainer - £10.53
16. CE055 - Primeur Balloon 24oz (68cl) - £30.48 (case of 12)

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Lockhart Catering on 4 June 2018 10:00 AM

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