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We held our biggest show ever in 2023!

It was amazing to see every supplier, colleague & customer that attended the Catering Equipment Expo 2023 at Olympia, London. After a return to Olympia London in 2021 & 2022...2023 promised to be our best show to date. New & returning customers, suppliers, colleagues & industry professionals from across the country attended and revelled in new & existing shows combining to create an industry-leading destination!


Take a look at our gallery of useful links for the Catering Equipment Expo & don't forget to check out the video highlights from The Restaurant Show. Click any panel below to find out more about your favourite brand, product or brochure.

Who Exhibited in 2023




Supplied with 7 colour-clips and integrated labels to help with food management and comply with traceability regulations, Aravens colour-clip airtight GN containers extend freshness and limit food wastage.

Arcoroc will be exhibiting their 'So Urban' range of durable, re-usable & returnable glass containers. A real alternative to single-use plastic, this collection has been specifically designed for catering, take-away sales and delivery.

Using our Artisan classic shapes and the ultra-durable high alumina vitrified porcelain body, Artisan Lagoon is brand new for 2023 and our most dramatic look yet. With each unique piece delivering high gloss colours varying from Ochre sandy tones to shimmering blue, which we contrast with a semi-matt neutral exterior.



Chef Works

We understand the importance of the right workwear for long hours spent working in a busy kitchen or front-of-house environment. With that in mind, we have redesigned the entire range of Brigade Chef’s Clothing to ensure comfort, confidence and professionalism.

Check out "Freshness Contained": A Cambro app available on apple or android. Assists operators to select best containers for specific food types, plus provides interesting data such as ideal location within a chiller.

"Chefs Against Plastic Waste" is a campaign we run through our fine dining brand "Continental Chef Supplies". The message is clear: to engage with Chefs & the wider industry to raise awareness & reduce the amount of single-use plastic in hospitality, starting with Chefs Clothing. "Chefs Against Plastic" highlights the premium quality modern Chef Jackets & Coats being made from recycled plastic bottles, and how a simple switch for your Brigade can provide long-term benefits for the environment, and take us a small step forward into a more circular economy.

Glacial Eco

Lifetime Brands

Distinctive and versatile, the Gatsby™ collection is totally toast worthy. Inspired by classic Art Deco designs, this collection features a fluted body that is made from durable, BPA-free SAN.

Glacial Eco is a unique glassware collection combining elegant designs with attractive textures to create stylish tumblers, cocktail glasses, jugs, carafes, dessert glasses and oil bottles. These glasses are skilfully made from recycled glass for a unique and tactile finish.

MasterClass Cast Aluminium Casserole Dishes - Built from high-quality cast aluminium, these casserole dishes are ultra-lightweight so easy to use in busy kitchens



Launched in April 2022, the award-winning CiBO+ is unlike any other high-speed oven on the market. Utilising a unique, patent-pending tri-heat technology, Microwave, TurboAir, and ContactBase combine to deliver unrivaled speed, quality, and consistency - cooking in seconds, not minutes.

RH Hall will be showcasing their Maestrowave MW18Ti with Energy efficiency and uniformity of cook, alongside a USB menu creator for ease of programming. Check out the video above for more info.

Meet CustomPro, a range of work shoes designed to prevent and eliminate pain through customisation with our modular insole system. Do you suffer with high arches, flat feet or plantar fasciitis? Find out how we can help.

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Chefworks Gramercy

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LID Boss Touchless Lid Dispenser

Mirage Savannah Bowls

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