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Continental Chef Supplies products now available to order at

From September 1st 2020 we are switching the online ordering of CCS products from the website to the website.
The Lockhart website offers a huge range of additional functionality not available on the site and will also allow CCS customers
to access the entire Lockhart range of over 20,000 catering equipment products.

There are 2 ways to order and pay for CCS products at
1. By debit card, credit card or PayPal
2. Using your CCS trade account (if you are an existing trade account customer)

How to register - New CCS Customers

To order products via the Lockhart website you will need to register and create a web user profile. This is very quick and easy.

Simply click on the ‘Sign In / Register here’ button shown at the top this page, just under the main search box.


This will take you to the ‘Log In or Register’ page. Select the ‘Register’ option on the right hand-side of the page and fill-in the boxes shown.

 New Register 

How to register - Existing CCS Trade Account Customers

If you have an existing CCS trade account you can link your web user profile to your trade account.

This will allow you to charge all your online orders to that account plus, once you login, all prices on the website will reflect any agreed discounts you have.

Simply fill-in the 2 additional boxes for Account number and Postcode that are shown at the Register stage (see below):

 Existing Register 

You can find these details on your most recent invoice from us.

If you don’t have a recent invoice simply call the CCS sales office on 01236 850236 and they will be able to provide you with these details.

And that’s it! Once you’ve registered you can access the entire combined Lockhart/CCS range of over 20,000 products from one website.

Finding CCS products on the Lockhart website

If you just want to view products from exclusive CCS suppliers like RAK, Gifre, Jars and many more, just click-on the ‘CCS Aspire’ link shown on the
right-hand side of the primary navigation bar (see screenshot below).

CCS Product Navigation

Continental Chef Supplies Information Portal

We will be retaining the existing CCS website at to provide up-to-date news and information about CCS as well as providing a shop window to showcase all the leading brands available from CCS

CCS Shop Window