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The heat is on with our extended range of chef appliances

Posted on Thursday 03 May 2018

The Chefmaster appliances range has been extended to help chefs up and down the country to work more efficiently and easily.We’ve selected five products from the new 2018 catalogue to help you discover how you and your team can be more productive in the kitchen. The complete Chefmaster range is packed full of innovation and high-quality products so make sure you check out the complete list in our latest online shop.

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An Overview

1. Blenders – The new range includes both manual and automatic two litre blenders with a polycarbonate jug included. It has a powerful 2.2Kw motor with variable speed up to 27,000 RPM. The pulse button makes sure you are in full control of the blending process.

Above: Shop Chefmaster's Blenders

2. 20 Litre Rice Cooker - Rice is a popular addition to any menu but it isn’t always easy to cook it to perfection, especially in a busy kitchen when you have many dishes on the go. This product has a 20-litre capacity and holds food for up to 12 hours at 70 to 76ºc. It has a stainless-steel exterior to match with any existing kitchen décor and is supplied with a rice scoop for easy serving.

3. Compact Convection Oven – New for 2018 is the Chefmaster Compact 30 litre oven which is the perfect addition for any kitchen. It has a temperature range of 50ºc to 300ºc so can be used for cooking a variety of dishes. You can set a time of up to 120 minutes which means you can focus on other kitchen tasks with complete peace of mind.

Above: Shop Chefmaster's Convection Ovens

4. Rise & Fall Salamander – With this product you can adjust the height to effectively grill, brown or keep dishes warm. It has an adjustable temperature control with a 440 x 320mm grilling area. The crumb collection tray has a cool touch handle making it safe and easy to use and maintain. This is great if space is limited in your kitchen as the dimensions for this product are just 450 x 450 x 500mm.

5. Pie Cabinets – This product is built to last with its stainless-steel construction and toughened glass door. It has a variable temperature control of 30ºc to 90ºc with a visible temperature display to give you complete peace of mind. The removable crumb tray and adjustable shelf height makes it really easy to use, clean and display your products.

Above: Shop Chefmaster's Pie Cabinets / Merchandisers

With summer approaching you may also want to explore the range of products designed for this season. Products include fly screens, insect control units and an all-important folding BBQ for those wanting to make the most of the great-outdoors. You can learn more about this complete range of chef appliances on i360tv.

Above: Shop Chefmaster BBQ

IN VIDEO: Chefmaster displayed at the CE Expo 2017

If you would like to find out more about this range, please get in touch. Share your questions & comments with us via Twitter and Instagram and on Facebook.